Pipe Dreams!

BadWolfMC:An Adult Minecraft Server is proud to announce our latest game mode, blending cool retro style with bleeding edge technology, you'll love this brand new way to play Minecraft!

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Announcing the Muggle Edition of Dr. Totter’s Practical Guide to Pungent Potions!

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Totter's Practical Guide to Pungent Potions: Muggle Edition has been published on BadWolfMC Alpha! This exciting book has been a staple in the brewing-rooms of BadWolfMC Gamma for decades and still contains the magic that made it such an instant best-seller. Now optimized for use by non-magical folks, view the brewing recipes you’ve unlocked all in one convenient book!

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Discover Atlantis

Once thought lost to time and space and sea... another ancient civilization has returned to BadWolfMC! Packed with more secrets than perhaps even the Doctor herself, we are proud to offer you the chance to discover Atlantis!

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In celebration of the release of Minecraft 1.12: "A World of Color", BadWolfMC is proud to present The Citadel! Come explore The Cloister Maze, BadWolfMC's largest and most dangerous maze yet, and defeat the mythic foe waiting for you at the finish. Battle Daleks and plunge into the Citadel Dropper or scale the Foundry Parkour. Discover hidden challenges in ancient grottoes or join the build contest and decorate your upscale apartment at Citadel Heights! There's something for everyone to discover!

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