If you are interested in becoming a member of BadWolfMC, you will need to:

  1. Read the Server Rules and FAQ along with our Terms and Privacy Policy to make sure we're a good fit. By proceeding past this step you signify your agreement to all of these.

  2. Complete the membership application below these instructions.

  3. Create an account on the forum.

  4. Post a message in New Member Introductions to let our members know more about who you are and what you're looking for. Current members are encouraged to be active in the new member application process by commenting on posts from prospective new members. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! This is usually the first thing we check to see if a new application is pending.

The approval process averages between 5 minutes to 3 days depending on how lazy the admins are feeling. We try to verify the age and reputation of every applicant, so the more information you voluntarily provide the faster this process will go! You'll be able to build once your application is approved.

Once approved join our Discord server by using /discord in game. This will give you a link to a protected part of the forum that contains further instructions. You may also find our Quick Start Guide to be quite useful.

Remember, BadWolfMC is an adult server! Those under 18 years of age need not apply.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to Contact Us.

Membership Application

Real Name
Real Name
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Please provide a link to some form of age verification -- Facebook, Twitter, forum accounts, even anonymized photos of IDs -- whatever you're comfortable with. Your information will never be shared with an unrelated third party. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.
Acknowledgment *

Link Your Forum Account

Unfortunately this feature is not currently available, but we hope that it will return soon.

To ensure that any permission changes carry over to the forums, use /register in game on the Alpha (main) server at play.badwolfmc.com. This will give you a link that will sync your Minecraft account with your forum account. Trouble with this step? See the troubleshooting section below.


I run the /register command and it says “Click here to link your account” but nothing happens when I click!

First you’ll want to check your client’s chat settings. Hit the “Esc” key > “Settings” > “Chat Settings” and be sure that both “Web Links:” and “Prompt on Links:” are set to “ON”. If these were off, change the settings and try to click the link again.

Clicking the link opens the browser, but the page gives an error!

Assuming you’re not having internet connection problems, some browser/ISP/firewall settings don’t like that link. It is unique to you and does contain an ID associated with your account (but not your password or anything sensitive), so if you do get a browser error you may need to either try another browser or enter the link manually into a mobile browser.

To copy the link be sure you have the “Prompt on Links:” setting “ON” (good safety measure anyway) so that when you click the link in game it gives you the option to open it in your browser, ignore, or copy it to your clipboard. First try copying it to your clipboard and pasting into another browser (Chrome seems to have the best luck). If that doesn’t work you can enter the link manually in your mobile browser, double checking that the entire link is entered accurately. That last step is the most annoying, but has been 100% successful when the link is entered correctly.

Tried all of these and you still can’t register?

Send us an email and we’ll manually create an account for you. Please be sure to include your Minecraft (Java Edition) username and correct email.

How do I join Discord?

Once your membership has been approved you’ll first need to wait for your hard-earned forum link to catch up. As soon as you show up as a Member on the forum you’ll be able to use /discord in game (from any server) which will give you a link to a members only page on the forum, with the link to our Discord server and instructions on how to link your Discord account (also required so permissions and ranks carry over). Yes, we know it’s a little complicated, but these extra steps go a long way to keeping (most of) the trolls out.

If you already have a Discord account, for example on your mobile device, be sure to use the same login information - creating a duplicate account will only complicate things when you try to switch between mobile and PC.

I’ve been approved but I’m still a guest on the forum!

This usually happens when we approve you while you’re online since the sync is triggered when you log in. To trigger that sync, you’ll need to log out of both the game and the forum, wait a moment, then log back into both. This queues your account for synchronization, which happens on a 5-minute cycle, so it can take up to, but is usually less than, 5 minutes.