Announcing the Muggle Edition of Dr. Totter’s Practical Guide to Pungent Potions!

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Totter’s Practical Guide to Pungent Potions: Muggle Edition has been published on BadWolfMC Alpha! This exciting book has been a staple in the brewing-rooms of BadWolfMC Gamma for decades and still contains the magic that made it such an instant best-seller. Now optimized for use by non-magical folks, view the brewing recipes you’ve unlocked all in one convenient book!

Get your copy today by simply combining a book and quill together with a barrel on your nearest crafting bench! That’s right, it’s practically free! You’ll get instant access to classic brewing recipes such as Wheatbeer, Sweet Apple Mead, Spiced Rum, and Absinthe! And there’s plenty of room to add more recipes as you discover them!

Craft your copy of Dr. Totter’s Practical Guide to Pungent Potions today!

That’s right! Dozens more recipes are waiting for you to unlock them, each with their own special effects such as Hero of the Village or Turtle Master! Recipes can be won, purchased, or discovered through experimentation, and many of these are already hidden around BadWolfMC Alpha’s map! Any server-owned build could be hiding a new recipe for you to unlock, so get exploring! Most of these discoverable recipes will be in plain sight, usually unlocked through a menu triggered by a right-click on a decorative head.

BadWolfMC also features seasonal brewing recipes, announced each season on the forums! The winter seasonal brews are active now! Discover favorites such as Irish Hot Cocoa, Mulled Cider, or scintillating Snowman Bubbly!

What are you waiting for?! Get your copy of Dr. Totter’s Practical Guide to Pungent Potions and get brewing today!