Portal Calculator

Portal Calculator

Use these calculators to properly link your nether portals!

Use this Minecraft Nether Portal Calculator to determine how to properly link portals when the location of the overworld portal is more important. This will help you to avoid conflicts with any other portals in the area. But be careful not to grief! Always check both sides of a portal before building one to make sure the corresponding coordinates aren’t already claimed by someone!

  1. Build your portal in the overworld (Gallifrey), light it but don’t go through.
  2. Enter the coordinates of the portal foundation block (using TAB or F3) in the calculator below.
  3. Go to the /nether (NOT through your portal) and build and light the second portal at the coordinates returned by the calculator.
  4. Enter the portal from the nether side to connect to your portal on Gallifrey.

Coordinate Calculator: Overworld Source to Nether Destination

Overworld Coordinates Nether Coordinates

If the location of the portal on the nether side is more important than the location in the overworld, use this Nether > Overworld calculator instead.

  1. Start in the Nether, build your portal like above, light it, but don’t go through.
  2. Input the nether coordinates of your portal foundation block in the calculator below.
  3. Travel to the overworld coordinates output by the calculator and build the second portal.
  4. Light the overworld portal and enter it to connect.

Coordinate Calculator: Nether Source to Overworld Destination

Nether Coordinates Overworld Coordinates

Nether Portal Calculator by D3Phoenix, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License