Four Freakin’ Fantastic Years!

On October 1, 2020 BadWolfMC will celebrate its fourth birthday! You guys have kept us going and we want to give a huge thank you to everyone for being on this incredible journey with us! 

October 1-13 get 20% OFF all non-recurring purchases in the

BadWolfMC Store when you spend $10 or more!

To celebrate we will be hosting BadWolfMC Bingo at 9:00pm EDT on Friday October 2 on BadWolfMC Delta! No sign-up required – just be there! You won’t be able to join once the game is in progress so try to be online at least 5 minutes before the game starts!

Bingo Info

  • Keep inventory is on!

  • Respawns on death are randomly generated — which can be used to your advantage!

  • /random is off!

  • Only one rule: no sharing! But, I mean, the usual server rules still apply. Only one extra rule. How’s that?

  • Sorry, games can only be started by an admin. 

  • The plugin we’re using is pretty basic and has been translated from the original German… but we weren’t able to change everything. You’ll still see some odd bits of Duetsche here and there. =p

  • If you disconnect while a game is in progress the plugin will attempt to restore your place —but there’s no guarantee. Don’t let your kids unplug your WiFi!

Krop Tor

We’re also very excited to release BadWolfMC Alpha’s very first dungeon — Krop Tor: The Impossible Planet! Run the gauntlet of escape rooms, puzzles, mazes, and, of course, terrifying monsters to secure your very own Infernal Furnace, enchanted with Fortune 5! Look for the new warp on October 1!


We hope you’ll join us to celebrate 4 years of BadWolfMC!