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My Account


Login using your linked Discord account! Discord accounts must be a member of our Discord server and in turn linked with our Minecraft servers to login here.


  1. Download and install the Discord client from Create an account with a very secure password. And we always recommend enabling 2FA.
    • The browser version can be used, but the client is much easier to work with.
  2. Use /discord in game (ip: to get the invite link.
    • Be sure you have private messages allowed from server members in your Discord settings so the bot can message you.
    • Any server or purchase follow-up will only come from members of the [BigBadWolf] group - Cesar#8457 and/or mercurialmusic#3162.
    • Be sure to link your account following the instructions below. You'll only be able to log in here once linked.
  3. Once you've joined our Discord, Use /discord link from the Alpha* server in-game. This will return a unique 4 digit code - write it down.
    • It doesn't matter which game server you link your account from - it's only important that you message the bot corresponding to the server you ran the /discord link command on. Hit tab in-game to see which server you're on (at the very top it will say, e.g. "BadWolfMC Alpha"), then message the appropriate bot: @BadWolfMC Alpha Chat, @BadWolfMC Beta Chat, @BadWolfMC Gamma Chat, or @BadWolfMC Delta Chat.
  4. In the Discord member panel, locate the @BadWolfMC Alpha Chat bot (or the bot corresponding to the server you ran /discord link from).
  5. Right click the bot and select "Message". In your message type only the code that you wrote down a moment before, and hit send.
  6. The bot will respond that your account has been successfully linked. You should see your Discord role change within ~5 minutes.

The most common mistake people make when linking their Discord account is messaging the wrong server's bot. Hit tab in game to see which server you're on (shown at the top of the tablist), then when you run the link command, be sure to message the Discord bot corresponding to the same server (e.g. if you're on Alpha, make sure you message the Alpha bot, if you're on Beta make sure you message the Beta bot, etc.). It does not matter which server you link from, just that the combination of server/bot is correct.

Additionally, your Discord privacy settings for receiving direct messages may limit the bot’s ability to message you. You will need to at least temporarily allow direct messages from server members.