Login using your linked Discord account! Discord accounts must be a member of our Discord server and in turn linked with our Minecraft servers to login here.


  1. Download and install the Discord client from https://discord.com/. Create an account with a very secure password. And we always recommend enabling 2FA.
    • The browser version can be used, but the client is much easier to work with.
  2. Join our Discord server by using /discord in game (ip: play.badwolfmc.com) or through the link at https://discord.badwolfmc.com.
    • Be sure you have private messages allowed from server members in your Discord settings so we can follow up on your application if necessary.
    • Any follow-up will only come from members of the [BigBadWolf] group - Cesar#8457 and/or mercurialmusic#3162.
    • Be sure to link your account following the instructions below. You'll only be able to see and post in the Introductions channel once linked.
  3. Once you've joined our Discord, Use /discord link from the Alpha server in-game (/menu > Server Selector > Alpha). This will return a unique 4 digit code - write it down.
  4. Send just that 4-digit code in a message to the #🔗account-linking channel in our Discord.
  5. The bot will respond that your account has been successfully linked. You should see your Discord role change within ~5 minutes.