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Welcome to BadWolfMC!

We are an adult (18+) semi-vanilla 1.14.4 Minecraft server network built to be a laid-back and drama-free place to unwind, get creative, and have a little fun. Take a look at our about section for more information on the server and instructions on how to join!


We are a greylisted server! Guests are welcome to log in and take a look around, and will receive permissions when your application is approved!




2019 Community Geolocations

This is probably the best Minecraft server I’ve ever played on. It has one of the best online communities I’ve ever seen, and the owners (despite my teasing) work hard to make the server enjoyable for everyone.

The plug-in combination takes a bit to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it down it’s really an amazing experience. The economy in particular is quite spectacular. The occasional trivia questions are also pretty fun.

I would definitely give this server a 15/10! :)
— Tribus99, Alabama, USA
The community is so welcoming and helpful that its easy to get sucked into a new group of friends!
— iwantafez, Texas, USA
The best Adult Minecraft Server I have been part of. The time I’ve spent on this server has been well spent. The community is great, and the owners are awesome. Lots of laughs, and fun times on BadWolfMC. It’s well put together. There are alot of fun, and interesting places to explore and admire. :)
— GuruMiner, Canada

Our Servers



BadWolfMC Alpha is home to our survival worlds including the main overworld, Gallifrey, and eco-friendly resource worlds for renewable materials! Our seasonal events are also hosted here. Access the Alpha server through the /menu or by using the /alpha command.


BadWolfMC Beta holds our SkyBlock, AcidIsland, and SkyGrid worlds as well as our Creative PlotWorld, which you can use for testing and planning or just letting the creativity flow. Beta is also home to the majority of our minigames such as the Elytra Challenges and Paintball. Access the Beta server through the /menu or by using the /beta command.



BadWolfMC Gamma is the third server in the BadWolfMC Network and features our magical worlds. We might call her The Doctor, but they call her Merlin. Access the Gamma server through the /menu or by using the /gamma command.


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