Pipe Dreams!

BadWolfMC is proud to present our newest game mode:


Blending cool retro style with bleeding edge technology, you’ll love this brand new way to play Minecraft!

I had a dream I was a plumber and the world was flat, linear, forcing everything forward — always forward. Lots of pipes to fix. And there were these weird mushrooms and turtles that were trying to kill me. I’m not sure why. I couldn’t even touch them or I’d die, but they, too, were easy to kill. I was trying to get to a castle to rescue… a peach? Probably some Call Me By Your Name reference. Not sure.

Three lives is all you get! Then Game Over. Are you a winner? Access from the pipe at /spawn! Or watch the fun through Lakitu’s camera lens.

The Pipes are Calling on BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server