The Stormcage Redemption…

BadWolfMC is proud to announce our new Prison game mode!

Found on BadWolfMC Beta, Prison is perfect for those who love grinding, ranking up, and for those days when you just need some mindless mining! Access via the portal at the Beta spawn or by using /warp prison!


Welcome to the Stormcage Containment Facility, part of the BadWolfMC Detention System. Here at Stormcage we strive to be a progressive and proven innovative leader in detention services. BadWolfMC is a better place to live and work because we improve long term safety and foster societal progress through the successful transformation and reintegration of players entrusted to our care. 

Upon arrival at Stormcage, players are greeted by Popo KhuKhu, who facilitates integration into the prison community with simple quests. From there, players are sent to the cell blocks to work! Cell blocks are accessed through the “Mines” section of the the main prison menu found by clicking the holo at the Stormcage entrance or the holos at the center of each mine.

The BadWolfMC Prison Bus on BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server


The point, largely, is to make money and rank up. Money can be made a few ways, but the primary method is mining and selling your ores to the mine office on the second floor of each cell block. Once the player has made enough money they can rank up (also in the mine office) and unlock access to the next cell block, each of which will have progressively more valuable ores to mine.

Players can also purchase upgrades to their gear in the main prison menu, accessed by clicking the holo at the main prison entrance or each of the holos in the cell block centers.


Try your luck and make some dough at the Stormcage Casino, located in Stormcage’s spacious basement. Games include a few different types of slots, roulette, double or nothing, jackpot, and the tower of luck (the latter of which awards more than chips!).

Or perhaps a vigorous workout in The Yard is more your speed. Stormcage’s designated PVP area, The Yard is open to those in Rank B or above. Players must have at least $100 in their accounts to enter, since the victor of any PVP match is awarded that $100 from the victim’s pocket. Enter at your own risk! Or watch the carnage from the safety of the rooftop.

And of course no prison is complete without Prison Hooch! Find the recipe and perfect your potions in Stormcage’s Toilet for a Haste bonus!