Discover Magic

We call her the Doctor. They call her Merlin.

BadWolfMC is proud to announce BadWolfMC Gamma, the third server in the BadWolfMC Network, and home to exciting magical worlds filled with wonder and truly difficult foes. Inspired by the Seventh Doctor’s serial, Battlefield, travel to the land of Avalon, home of King Arthur and that mad magician with many names and many faces, and where sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

How we got here.

A lifetime ago, in a fan server far, far away, three future server admins met in a magical blocky world and forged a bond over abusing other server admins. Since the inception of BadWolfMC we’ve had the itch to get back in touch with our magical roots, and after nearly three years we’re very excited to be able to share that experience with you.

Be the first on the list.

BadWolfMC Gamma is currently whitelisted and open only for bet…er…gamma testing. Be the first to stake your claim on Avalon and learn all the spells while fighting magical bugs — and probably the occasional technical one. Every day, we will be hiding two TARDISes in two separate chests somewhere within the server builds of BadWolfMC Alpha. Use the /riddle command on the Alpha server for clues. If you find a TARDIS, do not place it, but right click it into the air, and it will give you additional instructions as well as a special keepsake TARDIS head not available through our head shop (we recommend not placing that one either). Only one per player! If you find one, do not look for more — anyone who tries to give away the location of a badge or who attempts to exploit additional badges for personal gain could lose privileges on Gamma and may be banned.

Things you should know.

BadWolfMC Gamma has very different features from what you’ve become used to on Alpha and Beta, and in fact many of our staples have been disabled in favor of magical functionality. The focus is on discovery and figuring it out for yourself, but we’ve still provided wiki articles on how the server works, how magic works, and a few other features linked from those pages. We highly recommend reading these.

Gamma requires a resource pack in order to function properly. By default your client will prompt you to accept the pack when joining for the first time. It’s fairly small, about 4mb, and is designed to go on top of your existing resource pack of choice — meaning you can use both and still keep the look you prefer. The resource pack changes items that are only, for the most part, unobtainable in vanilla Minecraft. See the wiki for more information and a troubleshooting guide.

When you first join BadWolfMC Gamma, go to the mayor’s office and complete his quests, which will get you started with crafting your wand. Life on Gamma is possible without magic — but why would you want that?

We very much hope you enjoy BadWolfMC Gamma!