Three Years!

On October 1, 2019 BadWolfMC will celebrate its third birthday! We couldn’t have done it without you, and a huge thank you to everyone for being on this incredible journey with us! 

To celebrate we will be hosting BadWolfMC’s first UHC at 8:00pm EDT on Tuesday October 1 on BadWolfMC Delta! Check Discord for signup instructions!

As part of our celebration, get 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the

BadWolfMC Store October 1-13!

Each UHC will last for 90 minutes then go into a deathmatch arena. To avoid a potential mess, we will require sign-ups for the first two days the UHC is available, in 2-hour increments. Please only sign up for one slot during these two days. To give everyone a chance, you may sign up for additional empty slots only on the day of. If you are not on the network at least 5 minutes before the game begins your spot may be forfeit and offered to the next available player on a first-come basis.

On October 3 BadWolfUHC will be available for anyone who wants to play, without the need for signing up. But take advantage of it while you can! BadWolfMC Delta is just a temporary server, and will run October 1-13. BadWolfMC Beta will be closed beginning Saturday September 21 and will remain closed for the duration of the UHC.

UHC Info

  • Games do not start automatically at scheduled times and will require some coordination from all players. For example, everyone who signed up for the 8:00pm slot should join the BadWolfMC Delta lobby a couple minutes early, but do not mark yourself as ready until the scheduled start time. Marking yourself ready too early could trigger the game start, leaving others behind. 

  • This is a free-for-all, mostly vanilla UHC (no teams). Each game is scheduled for 90 minutes. At the 60-minute mark the world border will start to shrink fairly quickly, then at 90 minutes any remaining players will be teleported to a Death Match Arena to get things moving along. Once a game finishes the server will restart and generate a new world.

  • Looting, griefing, and killing (obviously) are allowed, but “don’t be an asshole” still applies.

  • If you disconnect while a game is in progress you will have 30 seconds to reconnect or the game will consider you dead.

  • Redstone traps are allowed, but no clocks. Period.

  • When a player kills another player, the killed player will drop their head — when eaten this head will give the killer regen for 5 seconds.

  • Each game requires a minimum of 3 players to start.

  • Few to no plugin commands will be available on the Delta server.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate 3 years of BadWolfMC!