Village and Pillage!

After a rather exciting 25 hour process, BadWolfMC has updated to Minecraft 1.14.4! Update your launchers and Optifine!

What to expect:

  • Lag/rubberbanding. And we don’t want to hear it.

  • Disconnects, even on the best of connections, are expected in this version.

  • Tougher restrictions on entities, especially villagers.

  • Don’t expect your farms to work quite the same way. 

  • Don’t expect your villagers to come through unscathed.

    • This was a pretty big change to the way villagers work. Existing villagers may not be the same as they were.

    • There is a known bug in 1.14.3 that affects the trading of some upgraded villagers. See that bug report for a workaround until it is fixed.

    • In order to minimize lag we’ve added something that reduces the number of checks villagers make against their professions and beds, limiting checks to every 2 minutes (previously these checks were constant), so by design they will not update as quickly as you might expect.

  • Zombie Pigman spawns in nether portals have been permanently disabled. Sorry, your overworld gold farms will break. This is due to a really dumb change Mojang made that forces chunks to load and remain loaded in both worlds when anything goes through a portal. More loaded chunks = lag. We will consider any use of this mechanic as malicious, and anyone using it may be banned.

  • Maps, including vanilla maps, have reset. Fucking again. No idea why since it all still works, but you’ll need to regenerate/replace any existing vanilla maps and we’ll have to manually reset existing custom maps. If you had a custom map, do not remove it, but create a /ticket in the location of the old custom map specifying which map it should be, and we’ll slowly get to them all once we’ve restored the images.

As we warned before the update, we are treating this as something of a trial run. If it’s an unmitigated disaster we will make the call no later than 24 hours on 1.14.3 whether we will roll back to 1.13.2 and wait for a better version. While the update went smoother than expected, this is still a possibility.

All that said… we hope you enjoy it!