BadWolfMC Has Updated To 1.11!

(last edit 11/23/2016)

We’re happy to report that both BadWolfMC and BadWolfMC Premium have updated to Minecraft 1.11! Bugs and incompatibilities are expected, of course, and so far the identified casualties of the update have been:

  • [Fixed!] Citizens/Shopkeepers 

  • Piggyback – Unfortunately we have no word yet on when or if this plugin will return.

  • Lockette – This plugin still has some functionality — chests seem to be fine while it does derp with some doors. This will hopefully be fixed soon. For now, please be sure all of the things you need to protect are within your residence.

  • A limited number of players have reported issues with their inventories. We will do our best to correct this. 

Please report any additional bugs that you find on the forums under the “Bug Reports” section. Remember these are to be expected with a new release of Minecraft and will likely be ironed out soon as developers update.