SkyBlock For All!

Just in time for the holidays we are happy to announce that our SkyBlock world is now available for free to all BadWolfMC members! The move has already been made and you can access your new challenging island world from anywhere in the server by using “/island“! 

One of the more popular game modes in Minecraft, SkyBlock spawns you on an island floating in the void on which you must survive and complete challenges using your wits and the resources available to you. Level up by completing challenges and compete against or team up with other players. You’ve probably never had so much fun while wishing for more dirt!

We’ve added a portal to the portals hub at spawn that will take you to the SkySpawn, and /warp SkySpawn will also do the trick. You can also purchase items for your island at /warp SkyMall. You won’t be able to take items back and forth between the SkyBlock worlds and the main worlds, though, and any attempts to do so will be considered cheating. 

This does mean that for now we have indefinitely closed BadWolfMC Premium and the PlotWorld has been removed, but we think you’ll enjoy the new arrangement even more than before!