Server Maintenance – 1.11 Is Just Around the Corner!

On Sunday November 20 at 12:00pm ET we will be putting BadWolfMC into maintenance mode to assess our readiness and, if appropriate, we will upgrade to Minecraft 1.11! We expect this to take a minimum of one hour, and we will update this post with progress reports if it looks like it will take much longer than 2 hours.

While many of our core plugins have updated and we are optimistic that we will be able to fully upgrade, we won’t be certain until we get in there, so continue to watch this space. Even if the upgrade is successful you can almost certainly expect bugs, and some plugins may break, so we definitely appreciate your patience. As much as possible we will prefer upgrading the server over any minor plugins that might break, and will reinstall any of these once/if they update.

BadWolfMC Premium will still be available as we upgrade BadWolfMC — we will close Premium for updates only after the main server has successfully upgraded and reopened. Again, we thank you for your patience!

Please note: we will not be supporting outdated clients. You will need to update your client to 1.11 in order to access the server once the server has been updated.