Announcing BadWolfMC’s Experimental Expansion Project!

We’ve been celebrating this Festival Of Online Legos for nearly 5 years now, and we just have to express how much we love our little server and the nearly 2,000 members we’ve seen over the years! You guys have made BadWolfMC such a great and welcoming community and we’ve decided it’s time to open our arms even wider and expand our reach.

In order to compete with the big dogs like Hyp*xel and M*neplex, we’ve decided to lower the age requirement by just a decade to include everyone 8 and older! Now your whole family can join in on the fun! Age proofs will still be required, of course, because we do have standards, and elementary school IDs will be acceptable proofs.

You’ll love the new enriching chat experience and the wider range of topics we’ll be able to explore. We know you’ve secretly been missing all that high school gossip! Grab your kids and tell them to let everyone know!