And The Build Contest Winners Are…

Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 BadWolfMC Valentine’s Build Contest! We had a lot of fun watching the builds evolve, and it was terribly difficult choosing our favorites. Everyone who participated received 10 loyalty points, but only a few can take home the prizes. The winners are:

Third Place

Third Plaze and the Cupid’s Arrowhead prize goes to:
OpalSuture for her Teddy Bears
and Gr8D4ne for his “This is Love”!

OpalSuture’s Teddy Bears

Gr8D4ne’s “This is Love”!


Second Place

Winning the second place prize of Cupid’s Wings is:
SirGruut, for his Wedding of Shrek & Fiona
and Lotus_Blume for her lovely garden.

SirGruut’s Wedding of Shrek & Fiona

Lotus_Blume’s Garden


Grand Prize

And the Grand Prize goes to OKillerCupcakeO for her “Love Grotto”, complete with fantastic lore and amazing terraforming!
Grand Prize includes the second and third place prizes plus Cupid’s Bow, with with Power 10, Infinity, Flame, Mending, & Unbreaking 3!

Happy Valentine’s Day from BadWolfMC!