BadWolfMC Has Updated to Minecraft 1.20.1!

Minecraft 1.20.1 The Trails & Tales Update official image on BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server
(Image: Mojang)

Hello fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce that BadWolfMC, the premier adult Minecraft server, has just undergone a major update, bringing you the latest and greatest version of Minecraft. We are excited to introduce you to “The Trails & Tales Update,” packed with thrilling additions that will take your gameplay experience to a whole new level. Let’s explore what awaits you in this exciting update!


Two intriguing new mobs have been added to the game: the “Sniffer” and the “Camel.” The Sniffer is an large colorful creature that loves to unearth ancient treasures. Or befriend a Camel, a sturdy and reliable companion that will accompany you on your expeditions across the vast landscapes of Gallifrey.

Additionally, both the Camel and Sniffer are now available as pets! You can acquire them by visiting the Pet Shop in our server store or using your Loyalty Points earned in-game. And if you have the Diamond rank, you already have all pet skins unlocked!


Unleash your creativity with the introduction of pottery and armor trims, each with thousands of possibilities that allow you to express your unique style. Both can be found and carefully excavated from “suspicious” blocks in the new buried ruins structures! The update includes tons of new blocks that will elevate your crafting experience. Discover the beauty and utility of cherry trees, which provide brand new colors and stunning blossoms. And delve into the world of bamboo wood, a versatile material that adds a unique aesthetic to your builds.


In addition to the exciting update, we are delighted to announce the release of a brand new Bed Wars map called “Lotus” on BadWolfMC Delta. This intricately designed map provides a captivating setting for intense and strategic battles. Gather your friends, form teams, and compete in thrilling matches to emerge victorious. Sharpen your skills, plan your tactics, and dominate the Lotus map like never before!


BadWolfMC has always been committed to providing an immersive and engaging Minecraft experience for adult players. We hope that Minecraft 1.20.1, “The Trails & Tales Update,” will spark your imagination and ignite your passion for exploration. Whether you’re delving into the depths with the mischievous Sniffers, traversing vast landscapes with your trusty Camel, or battling it out on the new BedWars map “Lotus,” we guarantee hours of thrilling gameplay await you.

Join us on BadWolfMC and experience the wonders of Minecraft 1.20.1 – The Trails & Tales Update today! Get ready to embark on new adventures, forge lasting friendships, and unleash your creativity in this ever-evolving Minecraft world.

Happy mining and crafting, adventurers!

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