BadWolfMC Has A New Shop!

Santa's Hat on BadWolfMC: An Adult Minecraft Server

Only a couple days left to ring in 2023 with
23% OFF all non-recurring packages in our shop
when you spend $10 or more!

Use coupon code “23for2023” at checkout. Expires 12:01am EST on January 1, 2023! We recommend the Santa Hat appearance for your Magic Hat on BadWolfMC Gamma!


More Options!

BadWolfMC is excited to unveil the sparkly new shop just in time for the New Year and right here on our very own website! At a time when everyone has been raising prices, we’re doing our best to keep things sane. We’ve cut out the middle-men for some of our biggest expenses after the server itself, which also means increased privacy for you with fewer eyes on your data.

As a result of the switch we’ve been able to add many more secure payment options! In addition to PayPal, we are now also able to accept Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay! Stripe and PayPal are the default payment gateways, while Apple Pay and Google Pay options will appear depending on the device and browser used when checking out.


In order to view the shop you’ll need to login with Discord, which uses secure OAuth2 authentication facilitated by our very own Great Intelligence bot. You’ll need to be a member of our Discord server with your Minecraft account linked to ensure permissions carry over. As always, we recommend using a very strong password on your Discord account with 2FA enabled. To be clear, Discord is only used for logging in – Discord does not receive any data from your visit or your transactions.

All of the payments are still handled through gateways, so your financial information is not seen or stored by us.


Of course, cost-cutting does come with some trade-offs. We’ve noticed that it takes slightly longer for purchases to sync with the server, and we lose our fancy in-game expiration notifications (at least for now). The good news is that there shouldn’t be any more issues if someone buys additional Diamond time before their free time runs out, since all purchases will accrue seamlessly and all purchases are only applied when you are online!

Due to technical differences between the two platforms, any members subscribed to our monthly Diamond option will need to cancel their old subscription on the legacy platform (through your PayPal account) and re-subscribe through the new shop. This will allow plenty of time if you’d like to wait until the end of your current monthly cycle. All legacy subscriptions will be canceled on April 9, 2023 and we’ll be sure to send a few reminders before that date.

Of course, since it’s a new platform, there will be wrinkles to iron out and new features to come. We very much appreciate your patience and support during the process. If something seems off please let us know and we’ll make sure everything is correct!

As always, THANK YOU for your support!

Happy New Year From BadWolfMC!