The Changing of the Guard

A new era dawns for BadWolfMC!

What’s up my dudes! I have some news that needs to be shared, and it’s a big ol’ mood.

Merc and Cesar decided that they have had enough of this admin crap (particularly tired of you lot), and gave me, Ca3lan, ownership of the server! You’ll still see them around, but now they’re just mere peasants. Like I used to be. If you see them in the wild, do not approach. They are quite aggressive these days.

Now that I am the new overlord of BadWolfMC, there are going to be a few changes around here. Effective immediately, I am imposing the following rules (and removing the dumb ones that are quite frankly just lame af). 

  1. No more hopper limits! We all know hoppers causing lag is just a big ol conspiracy. So go ahead and build the biggest and baddest sorting systems that your heart desires. Of course, I will judge all of you. The winner can then give me all the items in their storage system.

  2. No free time for the Builders! They’ll be expected to make at least 5 builds a week (once they finish building a massive underground castle for me to live in).

  3. ERP Tuesdays – attendance is mandatory! That’s right, you heard it here first. 

  4. All Mall Shops (and any other player shops for that matter) will now be charged a 69% sales tax payable to the new server overlord (aka me!). You can no longer sell diamonds for money, as all diamonds will now be deposited in the chest at the gate of my castle!

  5. Free Pets! All the Pets! You are now entitled to make any and everything you want a pet! And you can give it whatever beacon and potion effects you want by leveling up…wait for it…with cookies! How brilliant is that?! Pretty damn brilliant. 10,000 IQ!

  6. Moderators will ban anyone who doesn’t do what I tell them to. For I am the BigBadWolf of BWMC, and I will blow your house down! 

  7. Everyone must use the resource pack I provide that changes all music discs to songs from Harry Styles album “Fine Line”. This server is now Watermelon Sugar MINE. 

Now, I know you’re all probably gonna say this is cap, but this is legit. Take a minute and collect yourselves. I promise to make this transition as easy as possible, and hope you will all stick around as I take on world domination- I mean inherit this amazing server. I want what all of you want, and that is to continue making this server bigger and better than ever before! If you have any questions, ask the Moderators (let’s face it, Builders are useless aside from making things for me). Sooo…. don’t bother me, as I will be polishing my Dalek. 

/mic drop/