The Holidays Have Returned to BadWolfMC!

December Giveaways!

For the first time ever, BadWolfMC will be doing a series of giveaways! The top 20 players who play the most on the 3 main servers during the month of December will be automatically entered into a drawing for either a Free Gold Membership (if Member or Iron rank) or 6 Months of Free Diamond (if Gold or Diamond rank)! 3 additional drawings from the remaining top players will be held for disguises, pets, and wand appearances! We’ll do the drawing live on Discord using an online randomizer before our Watch Party on Saturday January 1 at 9:00pm EDT.

Celebrate the Holidays and ring in 2022 with

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Now through 12:00am EDT on January 1, 2022! No coupon required, sale will automatically apply to qualifying carts. We recommend the new Santa Hat appearance for your Magic Hat on BadWolfMC Gamma!

BadWolfMC’s Winter Wonderland!

Wander through a Winter Wonderland as you discover this festive village nestled in an arctic valley, brave the chilly water to visit the Island of Misfit Toys, or shrink to the size of a mouse to explore the giant-sized Nutcracker Suite! Travel to our holiday event using the “/winter” warp! 

Winter Wonderland Build Contest

Our newest winter tradition is a special build contest in which the winner each year will be featured in the Winter Wonderland in one of the first plots you see when stepping off the train platform! Additional prizes will be awarded to everyone who (seriously) participates. Find the entrance to the contest at the end of the street opposite Santa’s Workshop!

Contest rules:

  1. Builds are highly encouraged, although not required, to be winter village themed. We’ll pick the entry we think looks best in that plot.

  2. One plot per player.

  3. The entire plot can be used.

  4. You can bring any of your own materials to use in your build.

  5. Teams are allowed but winners will split any prizes.

  6. All entries must be completed by 11:00pm EST on December 23!

The Great BadWolfMC Gift Exchange

Another new tradition returns: The Great BadWolfMC Gift Exchange! Claim a chest at the center of the Winter Wonderland Build Contest (write your name on a chest but don’t lock it!) and fill up other people’s chests with presents! Others will then be able to do the same for you! Don’t open until Dec. 25!

Winter Quests

Talk to the Ticket Witch in the train station for 7 individual quests that will take you all around our winter wonderland! Gain a small reward for each, but complete at least 6 and turn in your cookies to Santa for a special set of Elf Boots! These boots give you a nice little speed boost and even come with Mending! This year’s boots are also soul bound!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Our oldest winter tradition has returned with more clues than ever! Use /winterclues for the hints to 35 lost presents hidden around the entire Winter Wonderland event. Return the presents to Santa Claus (in his office) for loot boxes and even a netherite upgrade to your elf boots with doubled protection enchantments that you can’t get in vanilla!

The Nutcracker Suite

From the giant statue above the Arctic Village’s Ice Rink, tumble through the mouse hole into a realm of sugarplums and tin soldiers. Explore the oversized landscape and discover hidden treasures, some seemingly high out of reach. Find the secret entrance to the Bookcase Challenge where you can navigate a mini-maze and mini-parkour course for cash. And finally, locate the hidden entrance to the Lair of the Mouse King, where you can battle against the rancorous rodent and his minions!

Sugar Plum Realm

Once you’ve defeated the Mouse King, let the Nutcracker whisk you off to the realm of the Sugar Plum Fairy! She has a present under her tree just for you that we know you will love!

The Realm of Winterbolt

Previously thought to have been safely locked away, the big baddie who originally labeled the atypical toys as Misfits and deported them to a secluded island is threatening to escape and unleash his icy terror on the world once more! Find the secret entrance in Santa’s Workshop and navigate the treacherous Ice Maze to defeat the evil Winterbolt and reclaim the Misfit Toys’ green cards! 

Jack Skellington’s Spooky Ski Slopes!

These are guaranteed to be the steepest slopes you ever did ski! Drop in to ride the ski lifts up to the top and see what Jack has in his bag for you! Find the entrance to this special ski resort in a hollowed-out tree near the giant snowman!

Happy Holidays from BadWolfMC!