Calling All Engineers!

Hiya, fam!

It’s me. The Doctor. I mean Merlin. I mean… whatever. So listen! I’ve been trapped in a gigantic space pyramid — get this — inside a massive cave made of crystals. I know, brilliant, right? But I need your help. You see, I’m kinda stuck. Some crazy lady caught me by surprise, and I left my sonic in the TARDIS and the transmat doesn’t work very well in here. Well, by some crazy lady I mean an old friend. Missy. I mean Morgana. I mean… whatever. We go way back. The point is, it’s not going to be easy. There are a lot of obstacles in our way, but I know we can do it. You and me. We got this.

So here’s what’s ahead…

Puzzles! Lots of them. Tricksy ones. Riddly ones. Logic ones.

Mazes! I love a good maze! I’m sure you’ll… well. You’ll get through it.

Parkour! Ok, I have to admit… the prospect is bleak. But I love a challenge, me! We can do it. I know it.







Oh, and the bosses…

Can’t forget the bosses. A few of them. They’re quite tough. And some monsters you’ve never seen before. Maybe even one or two that you have. Should be great fun! You’ll get some new spells, and once you get me out I’ll be able to give you that upgrade to your wand you’ve been asking about for ages — you know, the new Engineer stuffs. You’ll love it. So what do you say? Up for the challenge!?

Oh, I almost forgot — the entrance! Silly me. Use your recall to get to Mount Etna, then just follow the signs for the Crystal Cave. You can’t miss it. See you soon!



xoxo Merlin