The Great BadWolfMC Migration

Welcome to Gallifrey! Dive into a whole new world on BadWolfMC, open now and waiting for you to claim it! Our original world will remain open for up to 2 weeks to allow you to move your things over. Sorry — anything not moved when the migration ends will be lost! 

Our disk space is not infinite. To make sure we don’t run out of space during the transition the new world has a smaller world border (to be expanded after the old world is removed) and we ask you to limit your exploration to only what you need to find your new home. Anyone who does not respect this request will be temporarily banned until the old world is removed, and you will lose the ability to migrate your stuff. We know that exploration is fun, but by doing so excessively you are decreasing the opportunities for people to move their stuff over. 

We’ve also temporarily removed the normal resource world — during this time only, the old world can be used for mining, but the same griefing rules still apply — keep your mining either within your area or well away from any claimed areas. Please also try not to generate new chunks in the old world — the new 1.13 chunks and the old 1.12 chunks do not get along well. Once the old world is closed, the resource worlds will reopen and mining can resume there. The new world should never be used for resource mining!

Migration Instructions

We will be assisting players in migrating storage rooms using WorldEdit. For most players this does not mean builds — storage rooms only, and please see the instructions below on how to request the move. Additionally, we’ve made the decision that those who find themselves in the top ten of server playtime (/ontime top) will have the option to move builds as well. This decision was made because even the #10 position on that list has spent well over 500 hours on the server. These players must still follow the Storage Room Migration procedures below to request a move.

Requesting a Storage Room Migration

Please read these instructions entirely before beginning your request. We’re doing this to make life easier for you, we are not obligated to move your things, and any attempts to abuse the spirit in which this is offered will result in the closure of your request. Please also understand that this will be A LOT of work for us, so it might go slow, things may not be exactly as you expect, and you will probably still end up needing to do a bit of work to tidy things up. We will have a lot of these to get through so please only make the request once you’ve decided exactly what you want. We are only going to paste things once and we may not be online at the same time when processing your request, so it’s important to be thorough and accurate. 

Before you begin you will need: 

  1. At least 4 wool blocks – 2 white and 2 red.

  2. A residence in the new world to make sure your things are protected once pasted (minimum 5×5 required). We have temporarily raised the sell-back price of existing residences so you will now get all of your money back when removing your old res.

  3. A determined destination location within that residence, set with /res tpset (you can change this once your ticket is complete).

  4. A working understanding of WorldEdit cutting/pasting (so we’re all on the same page)

  5. Patience.

TL;DR at the bottom of this section.
Making the request:

  1. Determine the area of your storage room that we’ll be moving. Remember that other than those on the /ontime top we are moving storage rooms only, not complete builds. Any requests received from people not in that top ten that include full builds will be closed and will need to be re-submitted at the end of the queue.

  2. Carefully place the two red wool blocks on opposite corners of your storage room to signify the cuboid selection points. 

  3. Once placed, test the selection points (wool blocks) with a stick, right clicking one and left clicking the other, to be sure it’s the area you want. You’ll see particles outlining the selection (type //sel to clear the selection). We’ll be cutting without modification to the area (unless you’re trying to copy over too much), so be sure it contains everything you need. 

  4. Place one of the white wool blocks in the CUT point of your ORIGINAL storage room, and note the orientation of the selection — from where you are, is the majority of the selection to the north? south? Whatever it is, note it.

  5. Go to your destination residence and determine the PASTE point. This point will correspond to the white wool block you placed in the original storage room. Remember the noted direction from your original storage room and keep in mind that it will be pasted in the same direction from the paste point. Unfortunately WorldEdit rotating in 1.13 is experimental and not working well so we cannot safely rotate your stuff. Keep in mind that if you have anything in the new paste area, it will be overwritten when your original storage room is pasted in.

  6. Once the paste point is decided, place the second white wool block at the paste location (at your feet) and set your res tp point there using /res tpset. You can change this once the migration is complete.

  7. Go /back to your original storage room, stand on the white wool CUT point and enter the command “/ticket Please paste my storage room at /res tp [name of new residence]”. //paste -a requests will be honored if desired.

Please note that when processed your storage room will be cut, of course, not copied — meaning it will be removed from the original location. We will do our best to ensure fidelity, but be aware that any entities in the original area sometimes derp with WorldEdit (signs and armor stands are the worst offenders — signs WILL be wiped, and we recommend placing any items on armor stands in a chest instead). Since animal teleportation is still limited, placing a select few in your storage room to be pasted into the new world is an option.  

TL;DR: Outline the imaginary cuboid corners of the original storage room with two red wool blocks, place a third white wool block at the cut point, then place a fourth white wool block at the paste point in the new world. Set your residence teleport in the new world to that paste block (/res tpset), then create a ticket in your original storage room referencing the new residence name so we can quickly cut, tp to your res, and paste it in.

Any requests not conforming to these instructions will be closed for you to redo properly. 
Please note that requests will take some time to get to since WorldEdit is still rather unstable. This should give you plenty of time to set up your new area.

Moving your Mall Shop

All rented shops will be “boarded up” in the new world and the rent signs will be removed so no one else can get to them. Shop owners will need to directly contact an admin (both the shop owner and admin must be online at the same time) to reclaim your shop. Remember, once reclaimed you will need to set up your shop in the new world using our new shop mechanics

Any shops left unclaimed when the old world is removed will be reverted and made available to the public. If you have not been able to be online at the same time as an admin please create a ticket listing your shop number and your desire to reclaim it and we will hold reversion for a little while longer, but not indefinitely.

Other Considerations

Our new world has now been linked with our old Nether, so it’s important to remember that portals entered on the nether side could come out beyond the current world border. If you go through one of these you will die instantly and lose your stuff. We will not be able to retrieve it. Be very careful and only go through portals you’ve done the math on and know are safe.