BadWolfMC Has (FINALLY) Updated to 1.13(.1)!

Update your launchers and grab your snorkeling gear, because BadWolfMC has updated to Minecraft 1.13.1! 


While we’re sure you’re all excited to swim with the fishes, we still have a bit of prep work to get the new world ready. We’re expecting this will take at most a week (there’s a lot to do). We’ll probably have it open sooner than that.

Once the new world is open the old world will remain accessible for 2 weeks (disk space permitting) so everyone can move their things over (more info. on the move soon).  

To help make sure we don’t run out of space during the transition the new world will have a smaller world border and we ask you to limit your exploration to only what you need to find your new home. We’ve also temporarily removed the normal resource world. During this time only, the old world can be used for mining, but the same griefing rules still apply — keep your mining either within your area or well away from any claimed areas. The nether and end resource worlds have been reset and are open per usual.

A note for Mall shop owners – do not make alterations to your shops during this week before the new world opens! ALL CHANGES WILL BE LOST! We have also disabled renting of new shops until the new world is opened. You can still open a shop in /res tp TheOasis during the migration, but please also note changes to our shop mechanics, discussed below.

What to Expect


Despite skipping the uber-laggy 1.13 and going straight for 1.13.1, the game is still quite laggy. Everything works a bit slower and derpyness is guaranteed. We will be relying on all of you to help keep that lag down and unfortunately have to introduce a few new rules governing farms:

Farms using water mechanics must be kept small and MUST NOT receive automatic updates from ANY source. If you’re turning water on and off it should be you doing it manually at reasonable intervals and only over small plots of land. Water updates are currently insanely laggy and will affect gameplay for the entire server. Breaking this rule will turn merc into a raging monster of destruction. Mob farms with water-clearing mechanics? Consider them broken. We know you’ll be able to come up with alternatives.

As always, please keep farms, including vegetable farms, at reasonable sizes. You’re not trying to feed an entire country. All of those growing plants are super laggy since they constantly require updates.

Farms involving entity cramming or several entities in a small space are now banned. This one cuts deeper than most of you will initially realize — chicken and cow farms are some of the worst offenders. Mob farms involving cramming with minecarts are also included in this ban. 

Light updates are also expected to be a mess. Please limit these. No fancy flashing floors. No crazy ticking redstone. We will be coming down a lot harder on redstone clocks, including a temp ban for repeat offenders who leave the area or afk while leaving clocks running. This is disrespectful to all of your fellow players. Find ways to run your farms without clocks.

More than ever, it will be important to follow our rule of moderation. No over-the-top farms will be allowed. You’re not impressing anyone. Focus your energies instead on creativity and building something pretty rather than laggy.

Finally, complaining about lag does not help anyone and is more annoying than anything else. If we see, e.g, “LAAAAGGGGG” in chat, please expect a swift /kill to follow since we’ll assume you are the one generating it. 

We’ll relax some of these as the dust on the update settles and the game is optimized, but this is not expected soon.


This was a HUGE update and our developers have had to do (or are still doing) massive rewrites to be compatible. Some things will be lost temporarily, some completely. Other things will be derpy. Please be patient as we squash the bugs that will inevitably still be scurrying around after the update. If you find these please DO NOT report them in chat or directly to the admins — instead create a /ticket in game (especially if it’s of a sensitive nature) or report it on the forum. We’re going to be very busy for a while, so new bugs will be handled as we get to them.

Temporarily Gone:

  • Our chest restocker, for the goodie chests we hide around the server. We think this one will return, but it might be a while (it did the same in 1.12 and the dev is still semi-active). This means any chests found now with items in them are first-come first-served. 

  • Dynmap – we know it’s a big one especially right as you’re trying to find a new home, but don’t worry – it will be back eventually. The dev has already released a promising alpha build, but since it’s a pretty resource-intensive plugin we won’t risk it until it’s stable.

  • SkyBlock. Another big one. This is just the plugin itself, though, not the worlds, so if you have a home on your island you can still get there from the Beta server. None of the regular skyblock commands will work, though, and the worlds will be, for now, just treated as survival worlds. New islands cannot be generated, existing islands cannot be reset, and of course the challenges and minishop will not work. The SkyMall will still be active once we’re able to switch the shops over to the new mechanics. The developer is working on a new plugin that we should be able to import all our old settings and islands into, so it is expected to be fully restored at some point. We don’t know when and likely won’t know until a few minutes before we install it. But we’ve already had a sneak peak of it and we think you’ll agree that the wait will be worth it. 

  • Headshops. We expect these to back quite quickly. 

  • Hoppers. Yup. Hopper mechanics have been switched off, per your overwhelming and unanimous votes on Discord, until our limiter updates. We don’t expect this to take too long, but along with pretty much everything else on this list — please don’t ask. We don’t know when it will update. 

  • Our PVP plugin. Just the one that controls our PVP arenas. Paintball and Parkour still work. We’re not sure yet if our existing one will update or if we’ll be on the hunt for another, but these will probably be down for a while.

  • Trivia. ;-; Don’t worry, this one will definitely be back. But it’s maintained by the same guy who does many of our other core plugins and this one is probably lowest on his priority list.

Permanently Gone:

  • Our PostalService. This one, unfortunately, has been hanging on by a thread for a while, but it’s also rarely used, so we’ve decided not to pursue an update. We still have our /trade plugin and we may devise a new vanilla-ish system for delivering packages when players are offline.

  • Our SignShops. This is probably the greatest loss of 1.13 for us, but this is another plugin that has been on the verge of abandonment for a while. We’ve stuck with it because it has a lot more features than most, and we waited on an update until the last possible moment. Sadly, it didn’t make it. We’ve decided instead to go move forward with the ChestShop plugin, which is overall more reliable and still updated by the same team that handles a couple of our other core plugins. With ChestShop the linking is much simpler since the shop sign goes directly on the source chest. More info on the updated wiki page here.

Derpyness Expected:

  • Our chest-locking signs are mostly expected to be ok. Mostly. They worked in testing but we’re still expecting some glitches since chests were changed quite a bit in this update. The glitches mostly center around chests placed next to each other — locking one may or may not also lock the chest next to it if it feels like it. Until we have a chance to test them more extensively, please rely primarily on Residence protections. This will be especially important when migrating. This one will probably update eventually, but is has a long history of being slow.

  • Speaking of Residence. There seems to be some weirdness with the GUI and some flags within residences that were updated from 1.12.2 to 1.13 (so all existing residences). Despite being set in the GUI, some of them still need to be reset with commands, so it might be smart to go through your most important flags and reconfirm them using “/res set [flag-name] [true/false]“. This will probably be fixed before too long.

  • Pets are being weird. You can still use existing ones but leashing new pets seems to be temporarily broken. The dev is working on it.

  • Jobs. One good thing about the long wait to 1.13 is that the developer had a decent amount of time to squash some bugs, since this one required a MASSIVE overhaul due to all the changes in blocks. Even still, we’re expecting to find several. Please report these in a /ticket and include information on how to reproduce the error.

  • VeinMiner. Another one that, like Jobs, relied heavily on the old block system and required a large rewrite. This one is expected to be pretty stable at this point, but things still come up. Like any bugs found with Jobs, please report these with a /ticket. One thing that did surprise me in testing is that this version of Minecraft does group entities better than before, so breaking a dozen blocks will look like it only drops one. When you pick it up, though, you get all twelve, so be aware of that.

Brand New:

  • As we mentioned above, we have a new shop plugin: ChestShop! It’s a super-simplified plugin that will be much easier to use. It doesn’t have all the features of our last shop plugin, but it’s also much more server-friendly.

  • We’ve added Quests! Find out about these when we open Atlantis! Once the dust settles we will be slowly expanding these, but it’s definitely one we’re excited about.

  • We actually have a new /ticket plugin, too, but we changed that a while ago and you probably didn’t even notice. Instead of /ticket create [message] it’s just /ticket [message] now.

In the meantime, enjoy learning the new mechanics and get your stuff packed! Watch this space for instructions on how to migrate when the time comes.