Feature Updates & Satellite 5!

We’ve added new things! 

Custom Recipes!

Three new custom recipes for your crafting pleasure: Packed Ice, Name Tags, and Elytra!

Packed Ice!

Name Tags!


Want to see more custom recipes? Suggest some on the forums! Never know… we might even use them!

New Command!

/sit – good boy! Tired of sitting only in chairs? Now you can /sit wherever you damn well please.

New Location!

Now see what all the fuss about this Bad Wolf creature is on our brand new Satellite 5! 

No transmat required, you can visit Satellite 5 using /warp Sat5! Opening as part of our one year anniversary celebration, inside you can follow the clues to escape our very own Big Brother house or match wits with the Anne Droid. Then find out what the Controller is hiding in Archive Six! 

We hope you enjoy these little upgrades, and watch out for many more to come on BadWolfMC!