The BadWolfMC Summer Games Have Arrived!

We are excited to announce that Paintball has come to BadWolfMC! Come check out our 5 new arenas on the Beta server at the newly redesigned /games hub! 

NeonPB Team Deathmatch Arena

DesertPB Team Deathmatch Arena

Suburbia Free for All Arena

OceanPB Rush the Flag Arena

ArcticPB Team Deathmatch Arena

Your Arena Here!

Paintball Tournament!

Now through September 1, join in the fun and earn server cash! The top 3 players on the Paintball Arena leaderboard (total wins, viewable at the /games hub) at the end of the contest will receive $1,000, $750, and $500 (respectively) on the Alpha server!

Paintball Arena Build Contest!

That’s right, we want to see what YOU can come up with! And you get to do it in creative! Build your entry in one of your PlotWorld plots and tell us about it in the comments below (otherwise we might miss it). BadWolfMC Staff will choose our top 3 picks: Third place will receive $1,000; Second place will receive $2,000; and First place will receive $5,000 and their arena will be copied over and set up as a server paintball arena!

You can build in any style, but keep in mind that we will likely choose something significantly different from our current arenas.

Build Contest Rules:

  • Arenas must be contained within one 123×123 PlotWorld plot. No merged plots will be considered.

  • Deadline for entry is August 31 — entries will be judged on September 1.

  • All prizes are in in-game currency (of course) to be paid on the Alpha server.

  • The winning arena will have the following considerations already mapped out:

    • Spawnpoints for each team or player (along with any team color preferences)

    • Spectator area with full view of most of the arena (we can add this later as an invisible layer above if desired)

    • Any other necessary locations based on the type of arena you have in mind (see below)

    • Feel free to also list your preferences on the number of overall players or players per team (if applicable)

    • Arenas must have either 4 impenetrable walls surrounding them or otherwise be fully enclosed to prevent players from leaving the arena. These can be worked into the build however you’d like.

  • Please let us know if you have a preference for the type of arena. Options are:

    • Team Deathmatch: The traditional Paintball game mode. Whichever team gets the most kills wins

    • Capture the Flag: Whichever team gets the most of the other team’s flags to their base wins

    • Rush the Flag: Same as Capture the flag, however there is only one flag in the middle. Each team fights to rush it to their base.

    • Free For All: Team Deathmatch, without the teams. Every player for themself.

    • Domination: Each team has a 4×4 sqaure which other teams try and secure. They secure it by standing over it for a certain amount of time.Their score is subtracted every 10 seconds to the amount of bases they have (the more they keep secured the more points they get)

    • Last Team Standing: No arena timer, the arena will not end until there is one team left, and that team wins.

    • Destroy the Core: Each team has a “core” with levels. To win you destroy the other team’s core by throwing Paintballs at it. Whichever team is last alive or has the highest life on their core wins.

    • Kill Confirmed: From Call of Duty. Like Team Deathmatch, except when you die you drop a tag. To confirm the kill you collect the tag and get points. If you do not confirm the kill and someone on the other team gets it, you do not get any points.

  • You CAN work in small groups if desired, but the winnings will be split evenly among all contributors.

  • Each member is allowed one entry including group builds (if you are part of a group build that will be considered your entry).

  • Please expect that we will very likely need to alter the final arena from the original with or without the input of the original builder(s). We will place signs giving credit.

Have fun!


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