A World of Color Is Here!

EDIT 6/11/17, 9pm: We have updated to Minecraft 1.12! There were a couple casualties of the update, with some plugins still pending update. Unfortunately our lovely map plugin was one of these, and we’re using a temporary replacement. Our chest restocking plugin has also aged out, for which we will need to find a permanent replacement. Other things such as our MythicMobs and EnchantedFurnaces still work but will have some functionality issues until their planned updates release. Bear with us! 

Get ready! We will very soon be upgrading to Minecraft 1.12! While we don’t have a set date and time yet, it could be this Sunday at the earliest. We have A LOT of updates and upgrades planned for this release, mostly under the hood, so we’ll expect at least 2 hours of downtime when we flip the switch. We will update this post and announce on Discord once we have a better idea.

With this update we will also be resetting the resource worlds, so be sure you have anything you want to keep out of them! 

While many of our core plugins have updated already and we are optimistic that we will be able to fully upgrade, we won’t be certain until we get in there, so continue to watch this space. Even if the upgrade is successful you can almost certainly expect bugs, and some plugins may break, so we definitely appreciate your patience. As much as possible we will prefer upgrading the server over any minor plugins that might break, and will reinstall any of these once/if they update.

Please note: we will not be supporting outdated clients. Once the network updates you will need to update your client to 1.12 in order to access BadWolfMC.