A Whole New (Creative) World!

With sincere thanks to our members for their patience as we’ve restructured the server over the last couple days (and your continued patience as we iron out the kinks), and with special thanks to our supporters for making it possible, BadWolfMC is proud to announce that we have become the BadWolfMC Network! Our new network of servers allows us to spread out the demand on server resources, making a smoother gameplay experience for everyone and allowing us more room to grow in the future! 


So what’s changed?

We have migrated a few of our worlds onto a new server including our SkyBlock worlds and the worlds containing the PvP and Parkour arenas as well as our Elytra Challenge courses. To get to these on the new server just go through the portals at /games or /worlds! Note that /is to get to your SkyBlock island will no longer work from the main survival server, but it does work once you’ve reached the Beta server through one of these portals. 

And don’t worry! You can still talk to and message your friends with our integrated server chat!


BadWolfMC Beta Spawn

We’re also happy to announce the return of our creative PlotWorld!

PlotWorld Spawn

Back by popular demand, this new world features large 123×123 mergeable plots where you can build and test to your heart’s content without worrying about gravity or having to mine! All members get 4 plots, which you can merge into one massive 253×253 plot if you wish, and additional plots are available by rank. WorldEdit is not currently available on these plots but we’re looking into adding it soon!

We hope you’ll enjoy these exciting new additions! And thanks as always for your support!