Two New Features at BadWolfMC!

You might have to sit down for this one. We’ve added 2 new features that we think you’ll go nuggets about:


That’s right, if home is where you rest your rump, then call BadWolfMC home! Right click on any stair to have a seat! Left-Shift to get back up! It’s so easy it’s like sitting down!

Block Condenser

And for our Gold and Diamond Contributors we’ve added the /condense command that will turn most 3×3 crafted items in your inventory into their block form! This super-handy command works on all items that can be crafted in a 3×3 grid into blocks that can also be broken down again on a crafting table (i.e. it doesn’t work on watermelons or nether wart). This powerful little command will work on your entire inventory all at once, freeing up space as you mine and making your metal farms much more manageable!

We hope you’ll enjoy these exciting new features on BadWolfMC!