One Free Month of Diamond!

Exciting news! Now receive one free month of Diamond rank when you purchase the Gold rank! Show your support of BadWolfMC with the one-time Gold package, which will grant you the “[Gold]” prefix in game and the following perks:

  • No more TP timer! Go where you want when you want to!
  • 5 sethome locations and 10 100×100 residences!
  • 6 123×123 plots on the creative world!
  • Craft most 3×3 blocks from ingots and dusts with the /condense command!
  • Wear any block as a hat! Just use the /hat command.
  • Bypass Residence auto-cleanup!

With our thanks you will also receive one non-renewing month of Diamond rank which will grant you the “[Diamond]” prefix in game along with:

  • 2-Hour AFK Kick (normally 10 min.)
  • 8 123×123 plots on the creative PlotWorld!
  • 10 sethomes and 15 100×100 residences.
  • Backpacks! Open a shulker box directly from your inventory with a shift+right-click!
  • Custom color nickname! (message a mod or admin in game to set your nick).
  • Customize chat, items, & signs! (using formatting codes)
  • Unlock all available pet skins!
  • More perks to come!

The Gold package is good for the lifetime of the Minecraft account, but you’ll need to subscribe to one of our Diamond packages to keep the extra benefits once the free month expires. To take advantage of this special offer visit our shop!

List of perks last updated 9/2023.