Server Rules

Server Rules

We’re adults. The last thing we want after a long day is more stress in the place we come to unwind. In our efforts to bring everyone (including ourselves) an enjoyable Minecraft experience, we request that the following be observed:


General Rules

Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

  • All players must be 18 years of age or older – that’s the whole “Adult Minecraft Server” bit.

  • No Griefing – Breaking or placing blocks within another player’s clearly defined area is strictly prohibited. This is true even in PvP and for seemingly abandoned builds – if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

  • No Client Mods/Exploits – Client modifications (other than Optifine) or exploits to the game are not allowed. (Including but not limited to: Badlion, Forge, Fabric, Lightloader, LunarClient, flying, speed, x-ray, item duplication, glitching, etc.)

  • No Advertising/Spam – No advertising servers/websites/mods in any chat or spamming messages.

  • Common sense/maturity – This is a game. Be respectful, have fun, don’t rage, don’t participate in drama, don’t harass people, mind the server conventions, etc. Absolutely no harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

PvP Rules

PvP is enabled by default, but consent must be obtained. You have the ability to disable PvP within your residence if desired and can also post a sign at your property entrance with your preferences. You still cannot spawn camp or grief anywhere. If a player does not consent you are responsible for returning their inventory even if you lost it. Any repeated killing of players without consent will be considered harassing and you will be banned.


These are some policies we have come to expect as a community. These aim to cover some of the more common actions that would be perceived as disrespectful to both the community and individuals, but they are by no means comprehensive. They generally do not result in an immediate ban and are instead resolved on a case-by-case basis.

Community & Respect

  • Be mature and drama-free. Any participation in word-sniping, bickering, pettiness, etc., will result in immediate removal from the server. Persistent engagement in drama will lead to a ban.

  • Be respectful and avoid creating a toxic environment. Certain discriminatory or inflammatory words and sentiments have no place in our conversations. Offenders will be banned.

  • No looting in or near player bases. Whether the player is inactive, has containers set to “true,” or lacks a residence, touching what’s not yours is strictly prohibited. That said, you should still protect your belongings. Limited action can be taken if your unprotected items are looted while you’re offline. Looting is only allowed:

    • In the wilderness, away from residences or developed areas. Unprotected mining outposts in resource worlds are fair game, but breaking blocks to access them is considered griefing.

    • If the owner explicitly grants permission. The burden of proof lies with the looter.

    • Be mindful not to completely wipe out someone even when legally looting. We value our community and expect respectful behavior.

  • Avoid prolonged AFK periods, even with Diamond rank. This strains server resources and hampers mob spawning for others. Log out if you’re not actively playing. Attempts to circumvent AFK timers will result in a kick or ban. Diamond members consistently AFK for more than 1-2 hours a day will lose bypass privileges.

  • English only, please – including all chat channels and private messages. While we celebrate the many cultures our server represents, our already loosely-moderated chat is impossible to manage in multiple languages. Even if you want to swear at that creeper that killed you while AFK, do it in English.

Farms & Redstone

  • All things in moderation. Don’t cause lag with excessive TNT, entities (farm harvests, ore mining), etc. Players who create builds with the intent to lag or crash the server will be banned. No over-the-top farms are allowed. Your massive mob farm will not get the rates you’re expecting on a server, and you really don’t need 20 double chests of pumpkins. Focus on creative and visually appealing builds instead of lag-inducing ones.

  • Don’t run high-frequency clocks. If you need a clock make sure it’s running at a reasonably slow tick rate to prevent server lag. It’s best to find ways to run your farms without clocks.

    • On the BadWolfMC Beta server, stricter rules apply to redstone. Simple contraptions are allowed, but any unattended redstone (clocks or tick-update based contraptions) will be removed without warning.

  • All redstone clocks must have an “off switch”, and never leave things running if you’re AFK or not in the area. This is disrespectful to all of your fellow players.

  • Please be moderate with your hopper use, as these can create more lag than a running clock. Dumping large amounts of items into a hopper system may cause clogs or slow transfers. For item inputs, use a single chest on top of the input hopper to allow items to go in one at a time. Excessive hopper use will result in removal with a warning on Alpha and Gamma servers, and without a warning on Beta.

  • Avoid using hopper minecart collection systems, especially if the carts are constantly moving. Stationary hopper minecarts in low numbers are preferred.

  • Public farms should be limited to simple, early-game items that do not compete with items sold in shops. These farms must be manual with no automatic harvesting or killing, and should not include enchanted items (except for natural mob drops) or traded items. Violations will be promptly deleted. We understand the desire to build community-centric things, but that can be satisfied in other ways. These types of farms (and similarly, the over-generosity of established players when helping out newbies) often have the opposite effect when players who gain items too easily get bored quickly and ultimately do not integrate into the community.

  • Keep farms and mob grinders at reasonable levels. Limit the number of farms to one per mob/animal/plant type (double spawners are acceptable). Large amounts of mobs/animals/plants cause lag for everyone and reduce spawns for others. Most mob types have a limit of 50 per area. Entities beyond that may be removed automatically or manually by staff.

  • Farms using water mechanics should be small and not receive automatic updates from any source. Manual control at reasonable intervals over small plots of land is required. Mob farms with flushing mechanics are banned.

  • Farms involving entity cramming or having several entities in a small space are banned. This includes chicken and cow farms, as well as mob farms using cramming with minecarts or other mobs.

  • Nether portal farms are not allowed. They unnecessarily load chunks in the corresponding world, causing lag and memory usage. Abusing this mechanic may result in the removal of entity transportation through portals.

  • Shulker farms must be limited to 2 shulkers per farm.

  • AFK fish farms are generally tolerated but with certain conditions:

    • Fish farms using note blocks or wooden trapdoors are strictly prohibited — our block logger logs every interaction with a note block and a single session on such a farm can add hundreds of thousands of entries to that log. Instead, reference our forum for cheap and efficient alternatives.

    • Users of fish farms should not be members of the fisherman job to avoid economy manipulation. Violators will be fined and may lose job permissions.

    • Fish farms should be at least 180 blocks away from any mob farms to prevent compromising mob spawning for the server.

    • Finally, please remember that AFKing for extended periods is still not advisable. Keep it reasonable — anything more than an hour will risk a kick and loss of loyalty points.

Building & Mining

  • Mining and pillaging (including temples, sunken ships, treasure chests, etc.) must be limited to the RESOURCE WORLDS ONLY, and please assist us in reminding all members to do the same. This will help us avoid resetting the main world for as long as possible. Use /worlds for the hub or /warps for the warps menu. Excavation for your builds is allowed. Pillaging and cave-lighting are permitted only within your claim, which should be within 125 blocks of your base.

  • Seek permission before building in a town or near someone else’s area. Keep builds at least 250 blocks away from your neighbors unless you have explicit permission.

  • Keep your own claims to approximately a 250 block diameter. A “claim” refers to a single area of the map that you occupy. It may include multiple residences but should still not exceed the ~250 block diameter in total. You may not claim entire continents or have two claims (as defined above) next to each other. Exceptions may be considered for exceptional builds—ask an admin.

    • Players are advised to use the Residence plugin to create a minimum 5x5x1 plot to ensure it appears on the live map. This is the first place players should look when scouting out potential claims to avoid building too close to others, but you must also do due diligence in-game to ensure the intended area of your claim is outside the boundaries of other players’ claims in the case that a residence doesn’t exist.

    • Players are encouraged to clearly define the boundaries of their claim using walls, fences, natural boundaries, etc. This will ensure the autonomy of your claim in case a residence is absent for whatever reason.

  • Each player is allowed a maximum of 5 claims per server (e.g., BadWolfMC Alpha) to accommodate new players and discourage excessive claim-hopping or abandonment.

    • When abandoning a claim, create a /ticket inside the claim to notify us. Do not remove your residence until the ticket is closed to verify ownership.

    • Exceptions include strictly community builds and official mall rentals or server build contests.

  • Active participation on the server is required to maintain Residence protections. If you are inactive for more than 60 days, the plugin will automatically remove the residence, but your builds will remain intact. You can bypass this auto-cleanup by supporting the server. After 180 days of inactivity, we may reclaim the land entirely and delete player files to free up server resources. Membership would not be revoked, but starting from scratch would be necessary.

Economy & Shops

  • The BadWolfMC Bank sets prices for certain items like iron, gold, and diamonds. Attempting to sell these items below the bank’s price to manipulate the economy may result in a ban. Prices for other items are determined by players and the economy itself. However, prices for advanced-game items should be reasonably high to prevent them from being easily obtainable. Please see the table on the wiki for some examples of minimum prices for popular items.

  • Reselling items by buying from other shops to sell in your own is prohibited. Our focus is on Minecraft, not playing an economy. You can purchase component parts as long as they make up less than 50% of any single item you’re selling, unless you have a written agreement with the seller.

  • In the Alpha Mall, each player is limited to two rental units. You can combine shops on floors 1-3, but the first floor is limited to one shop (additional shops can be obtained on higher levels). In the Gamma Mall, players are limited to one rental unit, and combining shops is not possible.

  • Mall rental spaces are exclusively for shops. Squatters will be evicted, and ads will be removed.

  • Once rented, you have 7 days to stock your shop with items for sale. After that, it will be reclaimed and made available to other players. Inactive shops may also be cleared at the admins’ discretion.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your rent is paid or that you have sufficient funds for auto-renewal. We cannot recover items lost due to shop reversion.

  • In the malls, you can customize the blocks if you can break them. However, please maintain opaque and solid walls, except when combining your shop with another.

Alternate Accounts

If you you would like to take advantage of our crossplay feature we recommend linking your accounts so you can pick up where you left off regardless of the platform you’re joining from. Linking accounts will unify both accounts under your Java user, so any permissions or purchases will carry over. Essentially your Bedrock account would no longer be treated as an alt while linked, but would still need to apply as an alt to be able to link in the first place.

These rules will apply to all alt accounts, whether Bedrock or Java.

  • We’re cool with using one alt when it comes to helping with builds and even getting a second island on SkyBlock.
  • We’re not cool with alts if they’re being used for grinding/afking or for allowing other players to bypass the application process.
  • Regardless of your current rank, Alts will be given a special role on the server that includes the same interaction permissions and homes as a Member, but they will not have the ability to create additional residences or creative plots.
  • Both of your accounts will be responsible for the actions of your alt.
  • No, sorry, your alt will not be put into spectator mode.
  • Only one alt account will be allowed per player with the exception of a linked Bedrock account, which will not be considered as an alt as long as the accounts remain linked.

If you’re an established member who’d like to bring on your alt, please:

  1. Create a ticket in game from your main account letting us know you’re bringing on an alt, being sure to include the username of that alt.
  2. Fill out a membership application for the alt account (age proofs and a second forum account aren’t necessary). The alt must have joined the server at least once to be able to be added to the greylist.

Gamma Rules

With great power comes great responsibility… or something. Many of these are already present in spirit in our existing rules (i.e. don’t be a dick), but sometimes it’s good to be clear on some points:

  • Don’t spam spells if you can help it. They’re not exactly lag-friendly.

  • Zero tolerance for mining on Avalon, even around your base. Dig out what you need for your builds themselves, of course, but mining should be kept to uolɐʌ∀ (The Other Side) only.

  • Repeatedly casting spells on someone or around their claim without their consent will be considered harassment. This is true even if your spells don’t break anything.

  • Selling Spell Points (SP) and SP farming is prohibited. Some mobs drop SP in the form of heads that are usually absorbed by your wand. These should not be sold, traded, or given to other players – they must be earned by that player. The progression is meant to be slow. Farming SP is also prohibited. The only acceptable way these can be farmed are when the mob can hit you back. Any SP farms will be removed. We recommend taking advantage of the player-run public mine and convenient SP farming area at /res tp killhut.

  • While already covered in other ways, killing or stealing someone’s animals or disrupting their farms, etc. will be considered griefing.

Rules FAQ

HALP! I keep getting kicked when trying to join the server!
If you take a gander at our third rule above, we do not allow client modifications on BadWolfMC, and we have measures in place to alert us to their presence or prevent you from joining with them in the first place. Only Optifine is allowed, so please be sure you don't have any other mods like Forge or LiteLoader enabled.
Where can I build?

BadWolfMC’s spawns on Alpha and Gamma are protected in a ~300 block radius and there are a few other protected zones scattered around the server. Outside that, you are free to build as you please within the guidelines and as long as it isn't in another player's clearly marked territory. It is common courtesy to ask before building near another player's structures - consult our live map to find the perfect place and use the teleport pads on the spawn compass to get closest to it.

Be careful not to build in the resource worlds! Or if you do, don't make it anything you'll miss. These worlds are reset regularly and exist to prevent our main worlds from getting too torn up. You can get to these from the worlds hub at the Alpha spawn (use /worlds) or with the Phase spell on Gamma.

To get back to spawn from anywhere on the server, type /spawn (or use the Recall spell on Gamma). Guests can also use /spawn if they find themselves stuck.


How do I set a home?

Homes act as "save points" to which you can teleport. Members get two homes, which can be set by entering /sethome [name], and accessed by either using the /homes command and clicking on the desired location, or by entering /home [name]. To delete a home, use the command /delhome [name].

How do I protect myself?!

BadWolfMC has two plugins that will help protect your things:

We have a chest-locking plugin that uses signs to protect any Minecraft containers (chests, furnaces, etc.) and entrances such as doors and gates. To lock any of these, place a sign either directly on the container or on the block it’s sitting on and type [Private] on the first line (if you don’t crouch when you place the sign it will fill this in automatically). Your name will show up on the second line, indicating that you have successfully locked your chest. See the tutorial here for more information on allowing others to access your chests.

The Residence plugin allows you to make residences which will automatically secure all blocks and chests inside the residence area. We highly recommend checking out the tutorial since this plugin is fairly expansive.


How do I make money?!

New members start out with $200 in their account, which you can view by typing /balance or /bal. To make money, you can sell certain items at the bank or shops in the mall at spawn. You can teleport to the mall by typing /mall

BadWolfMC also has a Jobs plugin that allows you to be paid for things like mining, fishing, hunting mobs, etc. You can find more info on available jobs in the tutorials.


HELP! I’ve been looted/killed/griefed. What do I do?

Protect your stuff — please see the "How do I protect myself?" question above. If you suspect that you're a victim of looting, please contact an admin as soon as possible. If none are on, create a ticket.

If you are killed without consent a) repeatedly and b) no items are returned, it can be a bannable offense if the offender has a "history". If you find yourself in such a situation document as much as possible including date and exact time of the incident and what, if anything, was lost. 

Griefing of any player-made structure is bannable. BadWolfMC works hard to ensure the safety of your builds. If you find yourself griefed, you can create a ticket to alert the admins or post a message in the Grief Reports forum providing the XYZ coordinates where the griefing happened.


This server is awesome! How do I show my support?!

First of all, thank you! Any and all support is appreciated. BadWolfMC has 2 supporter ranks, Gold and Diamond. For a certain donation amount, you will receive these ranks in-game as well as a slew of other perks, all listed on our supporter portal page. You can also use the /buy command in game to get a link to our server store.

I DIED! Will you replace my stuff?

It sucks, but it's part of the game. No, sorry, we don't replace items for deaths, whether natural or game glitch. They're just pixels, after all, and you can easily replace them. As long as you don't teleport elsewhere you do have the use of /back to get to your death point and recover any surviving items. Then spend some time at the /endgrinder to quickly replenish your xp levels. If you need diamonds you can mine in the resource /worlds or withdraw them from the /bank if you have the funds.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are dying repeatedly and losing items you may want to step back a bit and become more acquainted with how the game works and how you can strengthen yourself to return to that place when you're more prepared, and there are always people online willing to lend a helping hand if you ask.


Someone killed my animals! Can they be banned?

Depends. Killing animals is preventable, not reliably loggable, and therefore not immediately bannable. Our block logging plugin can sometimes detect animal killing and may be able to restore any animals lost, but it's best to be safe and protect your livestock by making sure there are walls and a roof so that a person would have to break a block to get in. You can also res the farm area and disable the "animalkilling" flag (/res set animalkilling false) to prevent the slaughter. You might also want to set the ride flag to false, but the best protection is to keep them in an enclosed space inside your residence.

That said, if we do have proof of animal killing/stealing, it might be considered harassment or griefing.


So-and-so is being rude and vulgar! Can’t they be banned for harassment?

Depends. Despite being an adult server, maturity levels do vary. First remember that anyone has the ability to /ignore any other players. 

These are some examples of what IS considered harassment and can be bannable.

  • Hate speech/bullying/discrimination of any kind

  • Patterns of trolling or offensive speech with the intention of inciting drama

  • Spamming a player with /tpa requests or private messages

  • Following a player and standing in their way to prevent them from enjoying the game

  • Creating a residence or private signs within somebody else's area without permission

  • Repeated killing without PVP consent


I teleported to someone’s residence and fell into a trap. They should be banned.

This isn't a question. But also, this isn't against the rules. If you teleport to someone's residence there is no guarantee that it will be in a safe location. It is your responsibility to only teleport to people/places that you trust. If you type something incorrectly and die as a result, there's no remediation. You can of course ask the owner of the residence if they could return the items, but there is no requirement to do so.

Typing /res info [resname] will give you information about a particular residence, including where it is in the world. It is a good idea to look up residences before teleporting to them.


I was banned! What do I do?

If eligible, please feel free to post an appeal on our forum under the "Ban Appeals" thread. However, we do not ban lightly — in the first four years of operation we only accepted one appeal.