Earn Rewards!

Earn Loyalty Points just for playing! Points can be spent in the
BadWolfMC Rewards Shop, accessed with the /menu command.


How you earn points:

  • Earn 1 point for every hour spent on the server!

  • Earn 10 points for every friend you successfully refer.

    • Your friend MUST list your username on their application to the server!

  • Staff may also give points, at their discretion, if they see you being especially helpful to other players.

  • Points can also be lost by breaking server rules/conventions (at the discretion of the admins).

  • Any time spent AFK does not count towards your points.

Check your current points balance by using /points or /tokens!

Please note that points accrue separately on each server! Since each server has its own rewards system, we no longer migrate points between servers, with the sole exception of [Iron] rank upgrades (upon request).


BadWolfMC Rewards Shop

The BadWolfMC Rewards Shop is where you can spend all your hard-earned Loyalty Points! Rewards include ranks, items, and specialty OP tools that you won't be able to find anywhere else on the server! The Rewards Shop can be accessed on all servers from the /menu, or if you prefer a brick and mortar operation, visit the Mall on Alpha and find the store on the first floor across from the BadWolfMC Art Gallery. All items are subject to change and update.

Iron Rank!

These members show their support through their time spent on the server and community building. It is our only non-donor rank above member, earned because they worked hard for it! 

  • 1 additional sethome!

  • 1 additional 123x123 plot!

  • 2 additional 50x50 residences!

  • [Iron] prefix in game and on the forums!

  • Exclusive discounts on Gold membership! (see the forum for info)

This rank costs 150 loyalty points from the BadWolfMC Rewards Shop!


Shulker Box: 10 points

Enchanted Golden Apple: 250 points

Krillitane Wings (Elytra with Unbreaking 3, Protection 4, Mending, & +8 Armor): 500 points


Purchase additional pet types with your points! Find these in the BadWolfMC Pet Shop, right across from the /bank! Diamond members should remember that they already have all available pet types unlocked!

OP Tools

Sonic Trowel (Diamond Shovel): 250 points

  • Fortune 5

  • Unbreaking 3

  • Efficiency 5

  • Mending

Sonic Probe (Diamond Pickaxe): 500 points

  • Fortune 5

  • Unbreaking 3

  • Efficiency 5

  • Mending

Sonic Disruptor (Diamond Axe): 750 points

  • Sharpness 10

  • Unbreaking 3

  • Efficiency 5

  • Silk Touch

  • Mending

Sonic Screwdriver (Diamond Sword): 1000 points

  • Sharpness 10

  • Looting 5

  • Sweeping Edge 3

  • Unbreaking 3

  • Knockback 2

  • Fire Aspect 1

  • Mending

Gamma Rewards

Rewards on BadWolfMC Gamma include Disguises for almost every mob type to be used with your Disguise spell!