BadWolfMC Pets

Get your new best friend here!



Now everyone on BadWolfMC can get a pet for free! All members have their choice of ocelot, wolf, or parrot, and can even purchase additional pet types from either the donation store, which directly supports the server, or the rewards shop, because you put your time into it! Or upgrade to Diamond rank and unlock all available mob types automatically! Click here for the full list of pets!

How to get a pet

Step One: Find the mob you want

Now it's up to you to look for and capture the pet you want. Finding a mob type that can be leashed is the easiest step. Keep in mind that you also must have permission for that type -- by default, Members have access to ocelots, wolves, or parrots, but can purchase additional pet types with points in the rewards shop or in the BadWolfMC Donation Store. Diamond members have automatic access to all pet types.

Step Two: Meet the Leash Requirements

This can be the hardest part depending on the mob you want. Some pet-types have a setting called LeashFlags that adds a little fun and challenge to the experience. They are requirements that must be met for the pet-type to become your pet. You can see each pet-type's required LeashFlags in the mob list below.

Step Three: Take the mob on a lead

When Step 1 & 2 are done you just have to hit you target with a lead. After hitting your target it will convert from a normal mob into a pet and you will see the message: "You took a pet on a lead, it will be a good pet." Congratulations! You now have a pet. Be sure to take care of it and it will certainly take care of you.


Taking Care of Your Pet

Having a pet on BadWolfMC is no longer a passive activity! It's not just a cute shadow that follows you around -- you have to feed it (see what it eats in the list below), and you can teach it new skills by leveling it up along one of 2 available Skill Trees. You will need to choose one of these skill trees in order to level up your pet. Just use the command /petchooseskilltree [skilltree name]. Here's a list of what you get at each level:

SkillTree: Combat

  1. Damage (1), Behavior (Friendly, Duel)
  2. HPRegen (1,0)
  3. Behavior (+Aggro)
  4. HP (+1)
  5. Beacon (Speed 1)
  6. Damage (+1)
  7. HP (+1)
  8. Damage (+1)
  9. Beacon (Strength 1)
  10. Thorns (10% chance, 15% damage reflected)
  11. Damage (+1)
  12. Inventory (1)
  13. Beacon (Fire Resistance 1)
  14. Control
  15. Damage (+1)
  16. Thorns (+8%, no change)
  17. Damage (+1)
  18. Pickup (range 3)
  19. Knockback (set 15%)
  20. Beacon (Resistance 1)


SkillTree: Utility

  1. Inventory (1)
  2. HpRegeneration (2.0, 45), HP (Add 1.5)
  3. Inventory (+1)
  4. Damage (set 1.5)
  5. Ranged (set 2, add 35, type arrow)
  6. Beacon (Fire Resistance 1)
  7. Poison (15, 3)
  8. Damage, Behavior (Friendly, Farm)
  9. Inventory (+1)
  10. Thorns (20% chance, 10% damage reflected)
  11. Beacon (Night Vision)
  12. HP (+3)
  13. Pickup (range 3)
  14. Inventory (+1)
  15. Beacon (Resistance 1)
  16. Control
  17. HP (+5)
  18. Pickup (range 5)
  19. Inventory
  20. Beacon (Haste 1)

Note that all beacon effects carry a duration of 8 seconds and a range of 5 blocks.


Pet Commands

  • /mypet - show all available pet commands
  • /petinfo [username] - show info about your or another player's pet, including hitpoints, experience, damage, owner (only when pets isn't yours), and skilltree
  • /petname [new-pet-name] - set the name of your pet.
    • owners can use colors with these placeholders: <black>, <darkaqua>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>, <magic>, <bold>, <strikethrough>, <underline>, <italic>, <reset>
  • /petrelease [pet-name] - release (removes) your pet
  • /petcall - teleports your pet to you. You can also use /pc or /petc
  • /petsendaway - send your pet away. You can also use /psa or /petsa. Don't worry, you can call it back using the /petcall command.
  • /petrespawn pay|show|auto
    • the "show" argument shows the current respawn settings for your pet.
    • the "auto" argument sets your pet to respawn automatically as long as you are able to pay the respawn fee ($100).
    • the "pay" argument is used if your pet has died and you have not set it to auto-respawn.
  • /petswitch - allows you to switch between pets.
  • /petstore - allows you to store your active pet. Stored pets can be retrieved by the /petswitch command. All members can store up to 5 pets.
  • /pettrade [playername|accept|reject|cancel] <price> - offers your current pet to another player or reacts to the offer. Note that the receiving player must have permission for that pet type.
  • /petskill - shows info about the skills of your pet.
  • /petstop - orders your pet to stop attacking his target. Note that this command is useless in farm and aggressive behavior modes.
  • /petchooseskilltree [skilltree name] - shows all available skilltrees; when used with the skilltree name, selects that skilltree for your pet. Aliases: /pcst or /petcst.
  • /petcapturehelper - toggle the CaptureHelper. Alias: /pch
  • /pettype <pettype> - displays info about the pettype like default HP, leash flags and food.
  • /petoptions <option> [parameters]
    • options:
      • healthbar - toggles the healthbar
      • idle-volume <percent> - sets the volume of the idle sound pets make
  • /petinventory - opens the inventory of your pet. Note that these inventories cannot be opened when pet is in water or lava. Aliases: /pi or /peti
  • /petpickup - toggles the ability of your pet to pick up items if a) your pet already has the ability based on their skilltree and level, and b) has an inventory. Aliases: /pp and /petp.
  • /petbehavior [mode] - toggles the behavior your pet. Note that depending on your skilltree and level, you may not have all options available.
    • modes:
      • friendly - the pet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything
      • normal - self-explanatory
      • aggressive - automatically attacks everything within 15 blocks of the owner
      • farm - automatically attacks every monster within 15 blocks of the owner
      • raid - like normal but the pet will not attack players or their minions (wolves, ocelots, pets)
      • duel - pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius
  • /petbeacon - opens the beacon window of your pet. Alias: /pbeacon
  • /petshop - opens the pet shop GUI if your lazy ass doesn't want to hunt one down. These are very expensive on purpose. Note that in an effort to remain EULA compliant not all mob types are available from this shop.

Mob Types

We have enabled the following pet types with all variations. Remember that the listed leash flags are conditions that must be met before the mob can be turned into a pet.

Passive Mobs



Food: Spider Eye
Leashflag: none
Variations: none



Food: Wheat Seeds
Leashflag: none
Variations: baby



Food: Wheat
Leashflag: none
Variations: baby



Food: Sugar, Wheat, Apples
Leashflag: tamed
Variations: baby, chest



Food: Sugar, Wheat, Apples
Leashflag: tamed
Variations: saddle, chest, armor, baby, color



Food: Wheat
Leashflag: none
Variations: baby



Food: Raw Fish
Leashflag: tamed
Variations: baby, color



Food: Wheat Seeds
Leashflag: tamed
Variations: color



Food: Carrots
Leashflag: none
Variations: saddle, baby



Food: Carrots, Poppies
Leashflag: none
Variations: baby, color



Food: Wheat
Leashflag: none
Variations: color, sheared, baby



Food: Raw Fish
Leashflag: none
Variations: none


Neutral Mobs



Food: Soulsand
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: block (carrying)


Iron Golem

Food: Iron Ingots
Leashflag: created by player
Variations: flower(carrying)



Food: Wheat
Leashflag: tamed
Variations: color, chest, baby, decor


Pig Zombie

Food: Rotten Flesh
Leashflag: 10% HP or less >:)
Variations: equipment, baby


Polar Bear

Food: Any Raw Fish
Leashflag: none
Variations: baby


Snow Golem

Food: Carrot, Snowball
Leashflag: none
Variations: pumpkin



Food: Raw Beef, Raw Chicken
Leashflag: tamed
Variations: collar, baby, angry


Aggressive Mobs



Food: Gunpowder
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: fire (aggro)


Cave Spider

Food: Rotten Flesh
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: none



Food: Gunpowder
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: powered


Elder Guardian

Food: Sugar
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: none



Food: Sugar
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: none



Food: Sugar
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: none



Food: Rotten Flesh
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: equipment, baby


Magma Cube

Food: Redstone
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: size



Food: Sugar
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: none



Food: Bone
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: equipment


Food: Sugar
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: size



Food: Rotten Flesh
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: none



Food: Raw Fish
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: equipment



Food: Apple
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: equipment, glowing (aggro)


Wither Skeleton

Food: Bone
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: equipment



Food: Rotten Flesh
Leashflag: 10% HP or less
Variations: equipment, baby