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Care. Custody. Control. Welcome to the Stormcage Containment Facility.

Here at the Stormcage Containment Facility we strive to be a progressive and proven innovative leader in detention services. BadWolfMC is a better place to live and work because we improve long term safety and foster societal progress through the successful transformation and reintegration of players entrusted to our care. 

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The BadWolfMC Summer Games Have Arrived!

We are excited to announce that Paintball has come to BadWolfMC! Come check out our 5 new arenas on the Beta server at the newly redesigned /games hub!  Now through September 1 the top 3 paintball winners will receive (in-game) cash prizes! Also join in the Paintball Arena Build Contest -- cash prizes for the top 3 builds, and the winning arena will be added to our server collection! 

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Change the World with WorldEdit!

Get ready to have your world flipped upside-down! Now on BadWoldMC's Creative PlotWorld you can build like the pros with WorldEdit! That's right, all of our members now have access to the powerful game-editing features coveted by all. Building becomes a breeze when you can manipulate thousands of blocks in seconds!

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