The Holidays Have Returned to BadWolfMC!

Wander through a Winter Wonderland as you discover this festive village nestled in an arctic valley, brave the chilly water to visit the Island of Misfit Toys, or shrink to the size of a mouse to explore the giant-sized Nutcracker Suite! Travel from the event balloon at spawn or use the "/winter" warp! 

Scavenger Hunt

Discover hidden treasures in the Winter Scavenger Hunt and collect all 25 tokens to trade for a very special Christmahanakwanzaka (Nether) Star. Clues to the secret locations can be found by using the command /winterclues in game!

The Realm of Winterbolt

Previously thought to have been safely locked away, the big baddie who originally labeled the malformed toys as Misfits and deported them to a secluded island is threatening to escape and unleash his icy terror on the world once more! Find the secret entrance in Santa's Workshop and navigate the treacherous Ice Maze to defeat the evil Winterbolt and reclaim the Misfit Toys' green cards! 

The Nutcracker Suite

From the giant statue outside the Arctic Village, tumble through the mouse hole into a realm of sugarplums and tin soldiers. Explore the oversized landscape and discover hidden treasures, some seemingly high out of reach. Find the secret entrance to the Bookcase Challenge where you can navigate a mini-maze and mini-parkour course for cash. And finally, locate the hidden entrance to the Lair of the Mouse King, where you can battle against the rancorous rodent and his minions!

Happy Holidays from BadWolfMC!