Join Us!

Join Us!

Want to be a member of BadWolfMC? Here's what to do:

  1. Read the Server Rules and FAQ along with our Terms and Privacy Policy to make sure we’re a good fit.
  2. Complete the membership application in the form below.
  3. Join our Discord and/or create an account on the forum!
Join our Discord server! (click for instructions)
  1. Join our Discord server by using /discord in game or through the link at
    • Be sure you have private messages allowed from server members in your Discord settings so we can follow up on your application if necessary.
    • Any follow-up will only come from members of the [BigBadWolf] group - Cesar and/or mercurialmusic.
    • Be sure to link your account following the instructions below. You'll only be able to see and post in the Introductions channel once linked.
  2. Once you've joined our Discord, Use /discord link from the Alpha server in-game (/menu > Server Selector > Alpha). This will return a unique 4 digit code - write it down.
  3. Send just that 4-digit code in a message to the #đź”—account-linking channel in our Discord.
  4. The bot will respond that your account has been successfully linked. You should see your Discord role change within ~5 minutes.
Don't have/want Discord? Join our Forum! (click for instructions)

Create an account on the forum by using /register in game. This will provide a link to the forum that will allow you to register and will also sync your permissions if approved.

  1. Post a message in the #đź‘‹introductions channel on Discord or in the Applicant Introductions thread on the forum to let our members know more about you! DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! This is usually the first thing we check to see if a new application is pending.

The approval process takes between 5 minutes to 3 days. We try to verify the age and reputation of every applicant, so the more information you voluntarily provide the faster this will go! You’ll be able to build once your application is approved.

While waiting on approval:

  • Feel free to create an account by clicking the user icon () in the top right corner of the screen and log in using Discord. This will sync your Minecraft and Discord user groups to our website. This will only work if you’re a linked member of our Discord server.
  • You may also find the Quick Start Guide on our wiki to be quite useful reading before you get started in-game!

Remember, BadWolfMC is an adult server! Those under 18 years of age need not apply.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to Contact Us.

Membership Application

Membership Application

Application FAQ​

Why do I have to supply proof of age?

Frankly, adults need a safe space too. The fact that we’re an adult Minecraft server is by far the #1 reason our members give for wanting to join. We take that seriously.

What if I don’t have social media?

Social media is not required - but some sort of solid age proof is. One of the more common forms offered is a picture of an ID with everything but your name and birthday marked out with a photo editor of choice. This keeps privacy intact while at the same time offering solid proof. A suggestion, not a requirement, and we'll happily consider alternatives. These images can be linked from any link-accessible file-sharing service (e.g. Imgur, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or emailed to us - feel free to ask for our email address in game or on our Discord server. If emailing, please also include your username so we know whose application to link it to.

Why are there so many %#$!&*@ steps to apply?

Yes, we know it’s a lot. No, it’s not by accident. It helps limit the number of trolls and underage applicants. You’re more likely to fit in with the community if you can correctly follow a set of simple instructions, plus if you’re approved most of the setup will be done already!

Forum Registration FAQ

I ran /register in game but the link doesn’t work!

If you click the text and nothing happens at all, make sure that you have links turned on in your client’s chat settings!

If you’re able to click the link but it doesn’t go anywhere or you get an error page, try copying the link to your clipboard and paste it in a different browser. Sometimes certain privacy settings can interfere, but don’t worry - the only thing contained in that link is the authorization for your Minecraft user to create an account on our forum. Be sure you have session cookies enabled. If that still doesn’t work try typing the complete link into another device such as a smartphone.


I’m not getting a confirmation email!

Check your spam/junk folder! You may also be checking too soon - we use highly secure email relays that can take a minute or two to send things out.

Why do I have to use /register at all?!

Two words: forum spam. This step significantly cuts down external access to our forums from hostile actors. It also links your account so when you get that fancy Diamond status it carries over to the forum as well!

But also - the forum registration is optional if you've linked your Discord and introduced yourself there!