/ignore  can be useful...

/ignore can be useful...

BadWolfMC Chat

General Chat & Messaging

/msg - Followed by a username (e.g. /msg mercurialmusic), this sends a private message to the target player.

/r or /reply - Followed by your message (e.g. /r hi!), this quickly and privately responds to the last player who messaged you. Be careful with this one if you have multiple conversations going!

/ignore - Followed by a username (e.g. /ignore mercurialmusic), this will ignore all private messages from a particular player.

/me - Emotes in the third person (e.g. "/me smiles" would print "*merc smiles")

/messagetoggle or /mtoggle - Want some quiet? This toggles your ability to receive private messages from all players.


Chat Channels

/chlist - Lists the available chat channels. These currently include:

Channel [alias] - aliases can be used in place of the channel names.
Global [g] - typical global chat.
Local [l] - limited to players within a 230 block radius. This channel is highly recommended when working in close proximity to someone else to keep global chat sane.
RolePlay [rp] - to be used for role play chat.
Trade [t] - for advertising your shop or requesting a trade.

/ch or /channel [channel] - Focuses the desired channel in your chat -- all messages that you type will appear in your focused channels. Example: "/ch g" will focus the global channel.

/leave [channel] - Tired of seeing the role play chats? Leave the channel!

/join [channel] - Want to join a role play game after previously leaving the channel? Join the channel again here.

/listen [channel] - Listen to a channel without focusing it as the channel you're chatting in.

/chwho [channel] - Lists the members listening on a particular channel.


Party Chats

You can also create your own temporary chat channels called party chats!

/party help - Use this for a quick command reference.

/party host - Host a party! After starting a party you can message your friends to join it. Note that while the party isn't publicly broadcast, anyone can still join it. This command is a toggle, so doing /party host again will end the party.

/party join [player] - Join your friend's party!

/party leave - Leave the party.

/party kick [player] - Kick the specified player from your own party.

/party ban [player] - Prevents a player from joining your party. This feature does not seem to be working right now.

/party unban [player] - Unban a player from your party.

/party chat [on|off] - Focuses the party chat. This is slightly different from the channels since it requires either "/party chat on" or "/party chat off".  If this is toggled on you will receive an error message if you try to chat without being in a party.


send money (edited).png

Economy, TRADING, & Shops

All of your money and shop needs!

/bal or /balance - This will tell you your current balance of in-game currency.

/baltop - This will show you the current balance rankings of all players on the server.

/bank - This command warps you to the BadWolfMC Bank, located in the mall.

/menu - Selecting the Bank icon in the main menu will open a GUI-based version of our bank, allowing you to make deposits, withdrawals, and trade mob drops from the comfort of your base!

/pay - Followed by a username and dollar amount (e.g. /pay mercurialmusic $5) this command will transfer funds from your in-game account to the target player.


Now you can more easily trade with any member of the community using the BadWolfMC Trading Post! Trade items, money, XP, Jobs XPMyPets, & even Residences!

Based in a handy GUI, it does take a little playing around to get used to it, but it's quite a powerful little tool. Hover over the items at the bottom of the GUI for explanations and instructions, then once you're satisfied with the trade click the red panes of glass to turn them green and accept the trade. There's a short warm-up in case you change your mind, then the trade is finalized.

/trade [playername] - Sends trade offer

/trade accept - Accept to currently pending trade request (or click the offer notification in chat).

/trade deny - Refuses trade request (or click the "X" next to the notification in chat).

/trade block [playername] - Blocks trade requests from player (per user)

/trade toggle - Toggles the ability for you to receive trade offers at all.

Basic Shop Creation

Step 1

Create the chest that will serve as the source of your SignShop and place in it only the item and quantity for each sale. For example, if you want to sell 16 cobblestone for $100, you’ll place only 16 cobblestone in this chest (for now). This chest can be anywhere in the world (but not across dimensions), so if you want to link your shop in the mall directly to a chest in your storage room, you can!

Step 2

Create the sign in your shop that players will use to buy or sell the item. The 1st line will be [Buy] (with the brackets) if you want the player to buy something from you, or [Sell] if you want the player to sell something to you. You can put anything you like on lines 2 & 3, but we recommend at least having a description of the item and quantity. The 4th line is the price for the item -- “Free” is an option.

Step 3

Link the sign to your chest. Take a piece of redstone dust and punch the source chest, then punch the sign you just created in Step 2. If your shop is correctly linked the first line should turn blue. You can now fill the chest with your cobble and get rich!

Advanced Shop Creation

Other shop possibilities are listed here. Use /signshop sign <signname> in game to see instructions on how to set each one up (e.g. /signshop sign trade).

[DeviceOn] - Turns a lever on

[DeviceOff] - Turns a lever off

[Device] - Temporarily turns on a lever

[DeviceItem] - Temporarily turns on a lever using items as payment

[Donate] - Gives an item to the shop chest

[DonateHand] - Donates the item in your hand to the shop chest

[Share] - Split the proceeds from an existing shop with a friend!

[Toggle] - Toggles a lever

[Trade] - Trades one set of items for another, 2 chests required.

Additional Features

Mess up a sign? Or want to update the price of an item? Don't go through the hassle of linking the shop all over again! We have a  built-in editing feature that let's you copy text from a new sign onto the existing shop sign. Just place the new sign near the old one, write the complete updated text (including the first [Buy] or [Sell] line), punch the new sign with a black ink sack, then punch the old sign with the same ink sack to copy the text over!

Note: you cannot update the quantity sold using this method -- for that you'd need to relink a chest containing the correct number of items.


Enchanted Furnace

What it Does

EnchantedFurnace is a simple plugin that allows you to put the enchantments you're familiar with on regular furnaces in the same way you would enchant (or combine on an anvil) any other tool. These include:

Efficiency - increases the smelting speed.

Fortune - works much like fortune on a pick would by increasing the chances of additional smelting output. For example, 1 iron ore could output 4 ingots!

Silk Touch - saves the time remaining on a fuel type for later use. For example, if you want to smelt just one iron ore and have a blaze rod as your fuel type, this enchantment will stop the fuel usage as soon as the ore has finished and save the remaining fuel for later! Note that breaking and replacing a furnace will lose any saved time with any fuel.

Unbreaking - increases the durability of the respective fuel type (the fuel lasts longer).

Note: while you wouldn't normally be able to combine fortune and silk touch enchantments (since on regular tools they do opposite things), you can with enchanted furnaces.



These come directly from the plugin developer's page here.

Efficiency (DIG_SPEED)

  • Increases smelting speed. Stock is 10 seconds per smelt.
  • Time = 20 / (level + 2) seconds

Level/Seconds per Smelt



  • Adds additional result chances.
  • Average = (level + 1) / 2 + 1 / (level + 2)

Level/Average Results


Unbreaking (DURABILITY)

  • Increases burn time based on fuel.
  • Time = default time * (level / 5 + 1)

Level/Coal Burn Seconds/Blaze Rod Burn Seconds/Lava Bucket Burn Seconds







General Commands

/afk - Sets your status as "away from keyboard". This feature is also automatic based on a built-in timer.

/compass - Displays your current bearing in the world.

/condense - Available to Gold and Diamond ranks, this command automatically crafts any items craftable in a 3x3 grid that can also be uncrafted on a crafting bench (e.g. it works on iron, redstone, etc., but does not work on melon, netherwart, or quartz).

/dispose or /disposal - Opens a GUI to dump unwanted items in. Careful! These are immediately destroyed when exiting the GUI and cannot be retrieved.

/glist - Lists all of the players currently connected to the BadWolfMC Network.

/hat - For Gold and Diamond contributors, wear any block you're targeting or item in your hand as a hat!

/help - Displays help options for the plugins you have access to.

/menu - Displays our main server menu including the server selector to transfer between servers, helpful links, access to GUI-based bank deposits and withdrawals, access to a GUI-based headshop, and access to select warps.

/motd - Displays the message of the day (this is what pops up when you first log in).

/near - Displays the players and distance in meters (blocks) of anyone nearby.

/point - Shoots a stream of particles that highlight the block you're looking at. (Not to be confused with /points, which checks your rewards balance!)

/points - Checks your rewards balance for items in the /rewards shop!

/realname [nickname] - Handy for figuring out who those people with the colorful names are.

/recipe - Used followed by the Minecraft name or ID of the item you wish to craft, this will show you the recipe. Here is a good list of Minecraft block IDs.

/rules - Displays the server rules.

/seen - Followed by a username (e.g. /seen mercurialmusic) this command displays how long it has been since the target user has been online.

/sit - For all your sedentary needs. Tired of sitting only in chairs? Now you can /sit wherever you damn well please.

/svis spawner - For the mob farm enthusiasts, this command when performed while looking at a spawner will show both the activation range and mob spawning range of that spawner, drawn in fanceh particles.

/time - Displays the current in-game world time.

/veinminer toggle - Toggles your ability to sneak+break veins of ores and chop entire trees! On by default.



General Utilities

Interactive Signs

BadWolfMC has interactive blocks and signs all over the server -- clicking these performs an action such as opening a menu or warping the player or opening hidden doorways. The following are the interactive signs that you are able to create for yourself:

  • Disposal Signs - These are exactly the same as the /disposal command except it saves you some typing and you can just left- or right-click the sign once it's set up. To create a disposal sign place a new sign and type "[ic:Disposal]" (with the brackets but leave out the quotes). 


  • Elevator Signs - These super handy signs do exactly what you'd think -- create an elevator. They must be exactly on top of each other (same X & Z coordinates) and enable the player to right-click to travel up or shift+right-click to travel down. All elevator signs are created by placing a sign and typing "[Elevator]" on the first line. Currently there is no limit on how far apart these can be on the Y coordinate -- although that will likely change eventually.


Help Tickets

For in-game assistance, create a ticket! This helps us stay more organized and makes sure you get the help you need if we're not immediately available to assist. The ticket system logs where you are when you create the ticket, so all you need to do is tell us what's going on!

How to Use

/ticket create <message> - Opens a new help ticket. You'll want to note the ticket number it assigns you. e.g.: /ticket create Someone stole my block of dirt!

/ticket comment <ticket #> <message> - Add a comment to your own ticket. e.g.: /ticket comment 1 It was there last night and I saw Cesar lurking in the area. 

/ticket view <ticket #> - Displays complete information about your own ticket. e.g.: /ticket view 1

/ticket list - Shows a list of your own active (open) tickets

/ticket cancel <ticket #> [message] - Cancel a ticket when it is no longer needed. The message is optional. e.g.: /ticket cancel 1 I found my dirt, it was under my bed

/ticket close <ticket #> [message] - Close a ticket when the issue is unable to be resolved. The message is optional. e.g.: /ticket close 1 I found my dirt, it was under my bed

Ticket Rules

  • Tickets should only be created for legitimate in-game reasons that only an admin can address. These include:
    • griefing or other reports of rule-breaking
    • reproducible bugs/glitches (include a comment about how/why it happened and what you were doing)
    • admin derps (e.g. water blocks)
    • requests for assistance that cannot be solved by referencing the Minecraft Wiki, our own tutorials, or asking other players.
  • Tickets should not be used to make suggestions -- please use the forums for these.

Abusing the ticket system will result in immediate removal of your ability to create tickets and could result in a server ban.




Get a job! Get paid!


Workers in the following fields:

  • Brewer - earns money brewing potions.
  • Builder - earns money for building structures.
  • Crafter - earns money from crafting items.
  • Enchanter - earns money enchanting weapons.
  • Farmer - earns money farming crops and animals.
  • Fisherman - earns money from fishing.
  • Hunter - earns money killing animals and monsters.
  • Miner - earns money mining minerals and ores.
  • Weaponsmith - earns money from crafting and repairing weapons.
  • Woodcutter - earns money felling and planting trees


  • /jobs - access the help menu; view additional screens by clicking "next page" in chat.
  • /jobs browse - look through the list of jobs!
  • /jobs info [jobname] - shows what you can get paid for and the base pay rates (note that the higher level you are in a job, the higher your multiplier is for these base rates).
  • /jobs join [jobname] - join the job!
  • /jobs leave [jobname] - leaves the specified job.
  • /jobs leave all - quit all your jobs.
  • /jobs quests - view any active daily quests for your job. Quests give a bonus payout if the conditions are met - note that not all jobs have quests.
  • /jobs stats - shows your current levels and JobsXP.
  • /jobs top [jobname] - shows the top players in a job.
  • /jobs gtop - shows the global top 15.


Teleport Commands

/back - This command will teleport you to your last location or even your deathpoint so you can collect your dropped items. Not recommended for use in the event of a lava death. 

/delhome - Deletes your saved "home" teleport location. Often followed by the name you set for a given home (/delhome <homename>).

/home - Teleports you to your saved "home" teleport location. Often followed by the name you set for a given home (/home <homename>).

/random - A random teleport command for the adventurous/brave. Enabled in most, but not all worlds.

/sethome - Followed by an arbitrary home name (e.g. /home shop), this command sets a teleport location at your current coordinates.

/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn compass regardless of what world you're in.

/tpa - Followed by a username (e.g. /tpa mercurialmusic), this command sends a teleport request to the target player to go to their location. All tpa requests time out after about two minutes.

/tpaccept - This command accepts the teleport request sent from another player, both for requests for you to go to their location and for requests for them to come to your location.

/tpahere - Followed by a username, this command sends a request to the target player for them to teleport to your location.

/tpdeny - This command denies the latest active teleport request received.

/warp [warpname] - Followed by the warp name (e.g. /warp endgrinder) this command will teleport you to that location.

/warps - Displays the GUI-based warp selection.




Basic Self-Service Protection

Lockette is a simple and powerful container protection tool to keep your valuables safe! Lockette protections can be placed on any container (chests, furnaces, hoppers, brewing stands, etc.) or doorways (doors, fence gates, etc.) with just a sign. To lock a chest, for example, simply right click the chest with a sign in your hand. The plugin will automatically write [Private] on the first line followed by your username on the second. You can also manually enter these or claim a container for someone else if you happen to be shifting while placing the sign. Be careful if claiming for someone else! Unless you include yourself in the permissions you will no longer have access to that block! Only the person on the sign or an admin would be able to break it. You can otherwise cancel protections on your own items by manually breaking the sign.

Sign Modification

To change a sign that you have already created (with your name on it), simply punch the sign to select it, Lockette will display "Sign selected." then type the command "/lock <linenumber> <text>" where <linenumber> is the line number of the sign you wish to modify (e.g. 1, 2, 3, or 4) and the <text> is either additional users who can access the chest (one per line) or an additional modification as described in the features below.

Additional Features

Once a container is claimed you can add another sign to the same container (in the same way as before) which will auto-populate with [More Users]. You can then add additional users to the chest if you couldn't fit them all on the first line.

"Everyone" is a valid entry if you want anyone to be able to access the chest.

Timers can also be added to doors, fence gates, etc. if, after being opened by a player, you want the door to close automatically after a given interval. To enable this, modify one of the lower lines on the sign to read [Timer:x] where "x" is the number of seconds before the door is toggled.

For example, if I wanted to set up a public chicken farm I would want to let everyone get through the fence gate, but I wouldn't want people to accidentally leave the gate open, so I would create a sign to look like this:


This will ensure that no little chickens escape because of an absent-minded member!



BadWolfMC Postal Service

What it Does

The BadWolfMC Mail Service is a graphical user interface (GUI) -based messaging platform that allows you to send:

  • Letters (text only messages)
  • Packages (in-game items)
  • Payments (in-game money)
  • Experience (XP points -- not levels)

How it Works

Players can turn chests into mailboxes that, when clicked, opens the easy to use GUI to manage your mail. 

To create a mailbox, place the chest you want to use -- this must be a dedicated chest, so you won't be able to store anything in it. Once placed type "/mailbox set", punch the chest you wish to set, and you're ready to go! Use "/mailbox remove" to unregister a targeted chest, or "/mailbox removall" to remove all of your registered mailboxes.

There are several mailboxes set up around the server, and you can use any registered mailbox (whether you set it up or not). To find the mailbox closest to you just type "/mailbox find" and a beacon effect should appear over any nearby boxes.