The BadWolfMC Network was crafted in August 2016 by 3 experienced admins/builders who hoped to create a laid-back atmosphere where you can unwind, have a few laughs, and get a little creative. 

BadWolfMC is a laid-back, semi-vanilla server network for adults (18+) with lots of room to build and a few plugins to add a little fun and to keep your builds safe without ruining the vanilla feel. In addition to the Minecraft worlds we all love we also feature SkyBlock, creative PlotWorld, Paintball, and Parkour arenas, Elytra Challenges, mazes, a public end grinder, public tree farm, an expansive vanilla gaming park where members can build, regularly reset resource worlds, a massive shopping center that houses space for over 80 player and server shops, and we hold regular holiday events and build contests. Members also enjoy playtime rewards and our Discord server* with in-game chat integration.

Join us and become a part of our growing community with members from all over the globe!


*members can see the forum for the Discord server link or use /discord in game.

Our Servers


BadWolfMC Alpha is home to our survival worlds including the main overworld, Gallifrey, and eco-friendly resource worlds for renewable materials! Our seasonal events are also hosted here. Access the Alpha server through the /menu or by using the /alpha command.


BadWolfMC Beta holds our SkyBlock and AcidIsland worlds as well as our Creative PlotWorld, which you can use for testing and planning or just letting the creativity flow. Beta is also home to the majority of our minigames. Access the Beta server through the /menu or by using the /beta command.

Our Plugins

These are a few of the plugins we use, which we keep as up to date as safely possible:

  • BentoBox - everyone's favorite island challenges: SkyBlock and AcidIsland!

  • ChestShop - sell your stuff to make extra money or go shopping!

  • Death Messages - for levity in defeat. Make suggestions for new messages on our forum.

  • DiscordSRV - Discord/server chat integration.

  • EnchantableBlocks - now you can enchant furnaces for efficiency and fortune!

  • JobsReborn - a great way to make money on the server

  • MobHeads - adds chances of getting skulls!

  • Pets - get a cute little companion!

  • PiggyBack - shift+right-click to pick up any mob type! Do it again to throw them!

  • Residence - a massively useful protection plugin available to all members

  • TryMe - for all your trivial pursuits! Answer questions with /answ [your answer].

  • VeinMiner - crouch and mine to collect the entire tree or vein of ore at once! Toggle with /veinminer toggle.

Public Warps

These are some of our public warps, updated as often as we think to do it. Most can be accessed by using "/warps" to bring up the GUI, by typing "/warp [warpname]", and most are also accessed by simply using the warp name as a command, e.g. /mall.

  • acidmall - when used from BadWolfMC Beta, takes you to the AcidIsland Mall.

  • acidspawn - when used from BadWolfMC Beta, takes you to the AcidIsland spawn.

  • acidwither - when used from BadWolfMC Beta, takes you to the AcidIsland Wither Arena.

  • atlantis - takes you to Atlantis.

  • balloon - takes you to the Community Board where you can post your /res tps!

  • bank - takes you to the BadWolfMC Bank where you can buy/sell mob drops and exchange precious gems/metals.

  • citadel - takes you to The Citadel.

  • endgrinder - takes you to the enderman grinder.

  • fair - takes you to the BadWolfMC Fairgrounds (vanilla minigames) where members can also build new games!

  • games - takes you to our Games Hub on both our Alpha and Beta servers.

  • halloween - takes you to the seasonal Haunted House event (seasonal only).

  • mall - takes you to the BadWolfMC Mall entrance.

  • mansion - takes you to the server's Woodland Mansion - new mobs spawned daily!

  • market - takes you to the BadWolfMC Head Shop!

  • oldvillage - takes you to the Old Village where you can reminisce about worlds past.

  • resource - takes you to the resource overworld spawn.

  • resourceend - takes you to the resource end spawn.

  • resourcenether - takes you to the resource nether spawn.

  • rewards - takes you to the BadWolfMC Rewards Shop!

  • sat5 - visible from the Tardis observatory, Satellite 5 features escape the room and trivia minigames!

  • skymall - when used from BadWolfMC Beta, takes you to the SkyBlock Mall.

  • skyspawn - when used from BadWolfMC Beta, takes you to the SkyBlock spawn.

  • skywither - when used from BadWolfMC Beta, takes you to the SkyBlock Wither Arena.

  • spawn - takes you to the spawn compass.

  • stormcage - takes you to BadWolfMC's jail where you can view the Wall of Shame and enjoy an escape the room minigame.

  • treefarm - takes you to the BadWolfMC Tree Farm.

  • warps - takes you to the warps wall in the TARDIS, usually more up to date than this list! ;) This one must be accessed with /warp warps.

  • winter - takes you to the seasonal Winter Wonderland event (seasonal only).

  • witherarena - takes you to the public Wither Arena for both server wither fights and your own monster battle!

  • worlds - takes you to the Worlds Hub at spawn.